Has Another Advertiser Vacated O’Reilly’s Factor?

The News Hounds website is an anti-Fox News as anyone could possibly be.  And they clearly state their parentage from MoveOn.Org.  So I give all of their reports, simply because of their stated bias, a big grain of salt.  Nevertheless, today I found something of interest that bears some scrutiny and further investigation.  News Hounds writes today that another advertiser on Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor has responded to one of their readers, who wrote to complain about O’Reilly’s comments now infamous regarding Shawn Hornbeck.  Unconfirmed (by me) as of yet, and I wish we had more info as to who “CW” is, but…

Says News Hounds: 

“For those who scoff at such actions [writing advertisers to complain], or merely wonder if they do any good, here is a reply received by our reader and contact compiler CW.”

They quote the email response as follows: 

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will certainly address this with Fox and restrict further advertising from The O’Reilly Factor.

Dick Wechsler
President, CEO
MPG Direct”

Hmmmm…  Something about this response just doesn’t ring home for me.  I just can’t rationalize a CEO making the statement, “We will certainly address this with Fox and restrict further advertising from The O’Reilly Factor.”  I may be wrong, but it seems a little too…well…un-CEO-like.  Any attorney, however inept, would never write such a thing, and any CEO with sense (and this fellow certainly has tons of business sense!), would never release a statement without his counsel’s stamp of approval.  My radar is high on this report and I hope to confirm it’s truth or falsehood soon.

MPG Direct is a major direct marketing company from New York and is the suggested representative by reference above of Vonage.

Should anyone out there find a Snope report or any evidence suggesting that this is invalid, I would sincerely appreciate the notice.


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