Who is Sylvia Browne?

Ever heard of her?  She is the “psychic” who appeared on Montel William’s show in 2003 and told Shawn Hornbeck’s distraught parents, who were searching for their son in any possible front, that young Shawn was dead. She saw his discarded bicycle resting somewhere in a national park, where he would also be found.   As we all know, Sylvia Browne was horribly wrong.

Sylvia gave a similarly false “reading” to the equally distraught grandmother of Opal Jo Jennings, who was kidnapped in Fort Worth, Texas, that young Opal had been snatched by human smugglers and was to be found in Japan.  As we all know, Sylvia Browne was horribly wrong there, too, as young Opal was eventually identified as a child found discarded in a field mere miles from her home several years later.  Her pink tennis shoes were the impetus for discovering the identity of this child, who had been killed within hours of her abduction and her body thrown away by an animalistic predator.

Sylvia Browne and her errors and criminal history are chronicled by a California computer programmer named Robert S. Lancaster, who has followed Ms. Browne for a long time.  Mr. Lancaster’s source of devotion to exposing Browne comes from Browne’s “work” for missing children that he finds “incredibly offensive.”  When he watched her physic reading for Opal Jo’s grandmother, it was the last straw for him, and he’s not stopped since.  Good for you, Mr. Lancaster!

I had never seen his website, nor knew of his writing before today, and I have immediately become a steadfast fan of his clear fact-based style.  Apparently a lot of other folks feel the same as I do, and Ms. Browne’s attorneys are trying – with humorously ineffective legal arguments – to shut Lancaster’s site down.  He’s countered and I’m willing to bet the house that he is going to win big time.  The Browne letter from her attorneys and his letter in response are must reads.

Is Sylvia Browne just another predator herself, by virtue of her providing false and misleading “information” to distraught families trying any desperate measure possible to find their children and keep their stories in the minds of good-meaning folks everywhere?  Please decide for yourself, as I have.  See Robert Lancaster’s site, StopSylviaBrowne, at http://www.stopsylviabrowne.com.  The amazing information he has collected and offers for anyone to make up their own minds is both stunning and heartbreaking.

There is a special room in Hell for people who profit from the horror and terror of abducted children.




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