No Grand Jury Transcripts for Devlin

Criminal defense attorneys for Missouri’s Michael J. Devlin will have to endure the same protocol as for all other accused criminals in the state, as the primary judge in Franklin County courts has denied their request to create a transcript of upcoming Grand Jury hearings.

Franklin County Judge Gael D. Wood formally ruled on February 20th with his denial of a defense motion presented by attorneys Ethan Corlija and Michael Kielty to create a complete record of all testimony brought before the Grand Jury.

This denial by Judge Wood will end any further attempts by Corlija and Kielty to achieve access to Franklin County Grand Jury proceedings in the matter surrounding their client, Michael J. Devlin, accused of kidnapping Ben Ownby. At present, no additional charges have been filed against Devlin in this jurisdiction, although last week Prosecuting Attorney Robert Parks stated his intent to add a charge of Armed Criminal Action, further alleging that Devlin used a firearm in the kidnapping of the child.

No further hearings are scheduled before this court in the Devlin-Ownby matter before March 15.

However, two days before this next hearing, Devlin is scheduled to appear in Washington County, where Devlin will face charges of Kidnapping and Armed Criminal Action of Shawn Hornbeck. The first hearing in the matter there will begin at 9:00 a.m. on March 13.

No news is yet available as to the date in which the Franklin County Grand Jury is scheduled to begin hearing this case, although the Devlin matter is expected to be heard by the Jury sometime this month. Once all the parties appear before the Grand Jury, all of its findings and testimonies will be sealed and held safely confidential and, by law, cannot be revealed before trial. Nevertheless, should the Grand Jury decide information provided them is substantial enough to issue an indictment against Devlin, you can reasonably expect Prosecutor Parks to release that information fairly darned quickly.


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