Defense attorneys for Missouri’s Michael J. Devlin have been dealt another blow in their attempts to gain access to Grand Jury testimonies, this time from St. Louis County, where Devlin faces charges of child kidnapping of Ben Ownby, kidnapping of Shawn Hornbeck, and 69 counts of sodomy of both boys.

As you will recall, the St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney filed some 71 total charges against Devlin in his county, because this was the location of the crimes.  Devlin faces additional charges in Franklin County for Ben Ownby’s abduction and in Washington County for the matters surrounding Shawn Hornbeck.  Both of the two latter cases will deal strictly with kidnapping and armed criminal action.

In a hearing yesterday, Judge Colleen Dolan of the St. Louis County Court, denied a motion presented by Ethan Corlija and Michael Kielty to provide a transcript of all Grand Jury proceedings held there.  But the court, in concert with Franklin County head Judge Gael Wood and Associate Judge David Tobben, denied the motion and reinforced that only prosecutors may have access to the transcripts.

At least some things are sacrosanct.

Corlija and Kielty stated to the court they wanted the transcripts made so that they could verify the testimonies of witnesses in the likely coming trial of their client against their statements made before the Grand Jury, as well as to protect against prosecutorial misconduct.

Good try gentlemen, you’re doing a good job.  Now the only place left for you to try again is in Washington County where Devlin will be tried for the kidnapping of Shawn Hornbeck. 

Methinks the Grand Jury confidentiality will be protected there also.

Read the St. Louis Dispatch story here for further details:


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