Good News for Shawn Hornbeck Family

In one more week, Shawn Hornbeck and his family are expected to receive the keys to their brand new home — a staggering coup for contractors, construction workers and volunteers, who are competing the home at an unprecedented pace.

Their brand new home will have been completed, with all the bells and whistles possible and lovely interior decor in place, in about 50 days from groundbreaking to ribbon-cutting.  And the home will further provide lovely office space for continuing work by the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation.

It just brings a huge smile to a face, doesn’t it?

The house, and all costs involved in building it, were donated by McBride & Sons Enterprises, the largest homebuilder in Missouri and in the top 100 of those nationwide.  And their employees have volunteered by scores to help with its completion.

The firm has been 100% employee owned for more than a decade, with its employees sitting on its board of directors and throughout every facet of its decisionmaking.  In fact, the suggestion to donate a home to the Hornbecks was born by an employee within hours of Shawn’s recovery, and was approved unanimously.

Please join me in sending them a message of thanks for their kindness here, moreover their many years of volunteer support of a myriad of endeavors and organizations throughout Missouri:

A brief story from Channel 2 in St. Louis regarding the house itself can be found here:

UPDATE of 3/14 at 10:30 p.m.

Due to an overwhelming volume of emails to the McBride Homes website in the last week, their webmaster has now instated a secured server login.  So no more thank you notes can be sent.  Something tells me McBride Homes received a positive outpouring loud and clear. 

My thanks to so many of you who used the link above and sent your appreciation.


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