Illegal Alien Returns to US to Face Florida Abduction

This information is breaking as I write, but Ignacio Vincente Beltran Moreno is in US custody at this moment and is headed to Florida to face charges in the abduction of Clay Moore some two weeks ago.

Moreno fled immediately to Mexico after abducting Moore on Friday, February 25, and investigators spent the last two weeks negotiating with Moreno to turn himself in.

He did and boarded a flight from his home state of Sinaloa, Mexico with FBI and ICE agents this morning and was taken into formal US custody in Hidalgo County, Texas, presumably in McAllen.

As you will recall, Clay Moore was abducted at gunpoint while waiting with 15 other students for their school bus in Parrish Florida.  Clay was taken to a remote wooded site, where he was bound with duct tape to a tree.  Clay was able to free himself and was reuinted with police and his family within a few hours of his abduction.

Moreno, against whom a mountain of physical evidence and statements have been obtained, is strongly accused of having abducted Clay Moore.  Now, with his having turned himself in to US authorities, Moreno will face Florida child abduction laws, which are some of the most stringent in the country.

News stories have yet to arrive on various sites regarding this matter, so please search for “Clay Moore” for what promises to be hightened coverage of this remarkable police coup to come.

More good news for the day.


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