Washinton County Court Sets Hearing Date for Michael Devlin

A case review hearing was held today in Washington County, Missouri for Michael J. Devlin.  Devlin was not present, but appeared through his counsel Ethan Corlija and Michael Kielty.  Presiding was Associate Judge Troy Keith Hyde.  The only outcome of this very brief review was the setting of a preliminary hearing on May 9, wherein the court will determine whether there is enough evidence against Devlin there to hold a trial.


This particular hearing was a minute legal detail to take care of, the appearance in court of attorneys related to this matter and their collective opportunity to check their own calendars against the court’s to arrive at a date.  Today’s hearing lasted only about 15 minutes.


Before the preliminary hearing date arrives, it is more likely that the Washington County Grand Jury will hear the Devlin case and return a true bill in the next few weeks.  You can expect Corlija and Kielty to again request a transcript be made of the closed proceedings.  You can further expect that motion to be summarily denied, as have all the others, and only the prosecutor will have access to the testimonies provided.


With all the other jurisdictions weighing in on Devlin, Washington County Prosecutor John D. Rupp has plenty of time to take his time, carefully building his case regarding Shawn Hornbeck, and add the most substantial nails of all to Devlin’s building coffin.


And that is precisely what Rupp and the other prosecutors are doing.   I do hope Corlija and Kielty have the stamina to hold on and a ton of volunteers to help them.  They certainly have their hands full and miles upon miles yet to go.




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