Christopher Barrios Found Dead

Monsters are rife among us.

At around 4:00 p.m. EST Thursday, a Georgia Game Warden saw some tire tracks just off the side of the road leading to the Glynn County Airport and it raised his suspicion.  To him, it appeared that someone had stopped, but had “peeled out” in a hurry, digging deeper trenches in the dirt shoulder.  So he stopped, got out, and found the body of a child stuffed into a trash bag. 

The child was quickly identified as young Christopher Barrios, Jr., the 6-year-old child abducted in Brunswick, Georgia one week ago.

A beloved child once more discarded like garbage. 

Not surprisingly, not one single “tip” provided by George Edenfield, nor his mother (Peggy), nor his father (David) , nor his family’s “friend” (Donald Dale) helped authorities and volunteers find Christopher’s body.  Far from it.  But they’ve dug their own graves through their incessant lies.  Now Glynn County plans on charging all four with murder.

In reality, only one of them will likely be charged with First Degree Murder, and the remaining three will face Third Degree Murder for being accessories to the crime for knowing the child had been abducted and doing nothing to help Christopher.  All they did was their best in throwing about confusion.  Oh, and at least one of them bagged the child up and tossed him on the side of the road. 

Do you believe their incredible stories and their multitude of wild goose chases were because they were confused?  Hell, no!  They were doing everything they could think of to PREVENT police and the volunteer searchers from finding Christopher’s body. 

Each person had a different story.  Each started off claiming they knew nothing at all, then somehow knew where the child could be found.  And each person sent police to a different location.  Edenfield’s mother, as recently as this morning, insisted that Christopher was buried in the woods right there within a mere few hundred yards of the mobile home park. 

But Christopher wasn’t.  He was found three miles away.  There is no accident or mistake or even surprise to me in their crazy tales.

Deja vu.  I wonder if the Edenfield family have been watching the John Evander Couey trial…right down to how his family escaped jurisprudence for their own obvious complicity in Jessica Lunsford’s torture and death?  They seemed to have gotten the trash bag idea down pat, but were just too busy with police climbing all over them to bury the child, too.

I find it rather incomprehensible also to discover that George Edenfield, convicted of molesting two young Brunswick boys in 1997, was senteced to serve two strict paroles of ten years concurrently.  No jail time following his conviction.  Wow!  I guess molesting children is not such a big deal to that county court!  The judge who signed Edenfield’s sentencing order has some serious explanations to offer, and local voters had better tell him to kiss his elected bench goodbye.

My heart and prayers go out to this child’s loved ones, as well as to all the wonderful souls who have never given up searching for Christopher.

The most recent and complete news from the area is here:


14 responses to “Christopher Barrios Found Dead

  1. This scumbag should get the electric chair. And his parents should have to watch – and pay for the electricity. Then, it’s their turn.

    Nick Kasoff
    The Thug Report

  2. I blogged this today. I will try to give you a trackback. Our outrage is eeeeeeerily similar.

  3. This is insane! People who steal go to jail, people who do drugs go to jail, but molest a kid and ruin their lives, get slapped on the hand. I thought our justice system was better than this.

  4. I just read that this poor sweet boy was molested by the father and the son while the mother watched. I am horrified and so sad that these monsters get to live even for trial. May this lovely baby boy and his family be comforted. I can’t imagine their pain.

  5. as long as the system does so little or so nothing to punish child molestation, it will happen again and again and our hearts as parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, friends, cousins or grandparents of any child may be bledding next. We need to do something together as communities to change that.

  6. Death penalty is too easy for these monsters!
    They need to suffer as they made that poor innocent child suffer. They will be astrocized in prison. Apparently, this type of crime does not sit well with other prisoners. Of course in the end, they will meet their make rand they will pay for their monstrosity!

  7. Sarah (14yrs old)

    why would anyone want to do this to poor little children… i think it is so sicknening.. i hate the people who did this to this little kid.. my friend sandra mata that was her little cousin… gosh how did she take it i wonder… once i found out about this i became more cautious about where i go and make sure i have a friend or someone with me i also cryed while i read it and this is the first time something like this went on is brunswick..
    well have a nice day and i will keep him in my prayers and i will see him in heaven very soon
    thank you for reading this



  8. I can’t help but openly weep when I read about htis boy and see his picture. The chair/prison time is too good for pigs like this-the judge should be held accountable for this child’s murder too. How can you let such a gruesome pig walk free? How does this judge sleep at night?

    These people need to have done to them what they have doen to this innocent beuatiful child. I hope they have to suffer wahtever is left of their lives with the same turmoil and fear and torture that child must have gone through.

  9. I am beyond disgusted that there are people (no, mutants) in this world that could do such an appalling act. Words cannot describe how absolutely shocked I was when I heard about this story. These sick “mutants” should not live and ever enjoy life ever again for taking the life of an innocent child. Anyone who hurts a child deserves nothing but pain. Children are precious gifts from God and how DARE anyone destroy that in any manner. May those “mutants” burn in hell forever.

  10. i can’t sleep
    go to the tribute page please

  11. Molestation has occurred since the beginning of time, we can not stop it from happening. But how we handle the situation once we learn of it is highly important and can mean the difference between stopping the abuse at that person or it continuing on forever.

    If you see a relationship between an adult or older child that just somehow does not seem right, don’t keep it to yourself, call social services. They are trained to deal with a possible situation.

    Second, if you discover that a child is being abused, make certain that they receive counseling, not only for the child but for the family as well. Being in pain is one thing, watching someone you love being in pain can make a person feel angry, wanting to do something but not knowing what can cause a person to react in ways that cause more trouble.

    If you want laws to help with these issues, push to take the non-violent, consentual acts, 19/17 year olds as well as the 12/13 year olds on the list for playing doctor off the list. Push your DA to let these sort of ‘crimes’ go and to concentrate on the crimes where there are 8 years olds willing to testify with physical evidence, instead of the idiot who gets caught peeing in public.

    Once an abuser gets in prison, therapy while in and every 5 years or so once they get out. But don’t just stop there, placing someone on a list has yet to be shown to save anyone, one study done in England that showed the list did not change the levels of reported abuse at all.

    Try to remember that something like 70% of abusers were abused themselves. They never got the chance to heal and often do not know how to deal with life and their feelings of intense anger and pain. But once they receive therapy for not only what they did, but what happened to them, they have astounding rates of never harming another child, in the 90% range.

    For the rest, the 10% who truly are attracted to children, they need support for the rest of their lives, they need therapy for the rest of their lives, just like an alcoholic.

    As for Endwhatevers, they speak of a long line of mental, sexual and emotional abuse. I hope their line ends with these people.

  12. Anyone who is convicted of harming a child should be given life without parole or the death penalty – ON THE 1ST CONVICTION!

    It sickens me to know PETA has fought and won more rights and protections for dogs and cats than we have for our beautiful children.


  13. Janice: I have two concerns with your proposal, and it is not because I side with child molesters. But it’s the effect on children who are a bigger concern!

    If a child molester is going to get life in prison or the death penalty for harming a child (I assume you mean child rape and not merely touching), then what is to keep the person from killing the child if they know they’re going to get life or death? Not much! The state is actually giving incentive for molesters to kill the child so as to not provide a witness. Many victim assistance groups have already seen this disaster in the making and are opposing some portions of Jessica’s Law in the various states for this reason.

  14. The death penalty is too easy but they don’t deserve to sit a prison wacthing cable and getting free medical attention either. What is this world coming to? This is why my child will never be allowed to play outside by herself. You never know who lives near you or even if your own family members are pedophiles. Cases like this make parents paranoid and we have to shelter them to the point where it hurts them just so they can be safe.

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