Grapevine Slumber Party Gone Bad

This story absolutely screams “Parental Stupidity”.


Last Friday night, a group of young teenage girls gathered at one of their homes in sleepy southern Grapevine, Texas for a slumber party.  The parents were there all night and the young teens giggled away to everyone’s hearts’ content.  They even invited a few more friends, including a 15-year-old boy, to join their fun.  The kids all attend the affluent Colleyville-Heritage High School just a few blocks away.


At some point in the early evening, the group became a little rambunctious.  The young teen hosting the gathering decided to share her parents’ small keg of Coors Light kept in the downstairs fridge with her pals.  Then another girl also shared some unknown pills that she had brought along for the party, too.  In short order, the group of girls and their extra guests became completely snockered in an upstairs bedroom.  They were having a blast!


One of them, a 13-year-old girl, got a little too loud among the small crowd.  So, not wanting Mom and Dad to hear her and possibly shut down their little celebration, the other kids decided to bind her feet and hands with duct tape, and tape her mouth down, too.  It wasn’t even difficult.  A true team effort.


The party continued.  Then the kids decided it would be even more fun if they shocked the living daylights out of the bound pal.  So they all rallied together, grabbed her legs, and dragged this girl down the flight of stairs where a Taser was waiting.  The group carrying her was so stoned that they dropped her by the head onto the fireplace hearth and dumped her into some indoor plants.  And the fun then truly began as the boy shocked her repeatedly, gleefully, with the Taser.


Mom and Dad never heard a single sound all night long from their own little angel or her friends.  Not one giggle, not one bump on the stairs, not one of the girl’s constant pleadings and crying to her pals (especially to the boy) to stop hurting her.  But at some point early in the party evening, the parents say they did catch the girl (pre-Tasering, of course) with an empty can of beer…and they told her not to drink.


Oh, bravo there folks!  You catch  a 13-year-old girl in your own home red-handed and holding an empty beer can and all you can do is to just say “No?”  No surprise, no suspicion, no checking later to see if the girl had found another empty can somewhere…?


Not surprisingly, the bound girl sobered up fairly quickly after the Tasering.  At around midnight, she managed to free herself from the tape and called her own parents, who immediately came to get her and take her home.


Bright and early the next morning, the girl and her parents met with Grapevine Police.  They detailed the previous night’s events and revealed the several Taser marks and a multitude of bruises and scratches on her body.  A search warrant was executed at the home where the slumber party had been held and police confiscated duct tape and a Taser.


The parents at the party house have told the local media camped on their front yard since Sunday that the whole story has been blown out of proportion.  Really?


Criminal charges, of which there are many that apply, have not yet been brought against the parents for their oblivion and complete and utter stupidity in allowing this to happen.  It is my fervent hope that this couple, at least, will learn that ignorance is not a defense.  Moreover, just being present in a house is not good enough to keep kids from getting out of hand and into trouble.


There’s just no excuse for this, as these parents were well-educated, well-off financially, and likely involved in their children’s school, which is the norm for the Grapevine-Colleyville area of North Texas, especially so in this particular area of town.  I know, because I lived in Grapevine for more than 20 years, and was very heavily involved in the schools and the community until I moved a year ago.


My other fervent hope is that Grapevine Police won’t let these parents off the hook and also strongly pursue the young girl who brought pills to the mix.  Grapevine and Colleyville and Southlake – all three highly affluent areas of Northeast Tarrant County – have each turned virtual blind eyes to the problems of drug abuse among their school children for way too long that has exploded exponentially in the last decade alone.  It’s far past time for the cities to swallow their bedroom community pride and really start saving their kids.


There were obvious candidates for salvation among the party-goers over the weekend….


Amazingly, the news coverage around here is scant.


Find one brief account here from WFAA Channel 8: 


Our NBC affiliate has a tad more here:


2 responses to “Grapevine Slumber Party Gone Bad

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  2. I think the news has been scant because the media views this as “teens will be teens” and there’s no news here, according to the mediMF The media always seems to be reluctant to get involved in reporting wrongdoing with respected people like these parents and kids, because it seems they don’t want to embarass them. However, if this was a lower class household, I would bet the coverage would be more extensive. And if it was a stranger who had done all this, the national news would be covering it.

    Having been part of the media for over 10 years as a print reporter, I find its priorities very odd. It will cover one story, like Anna Nicole Smith or Laci Peterson or OJ Simpson, until we’re ready to scream or commit hari kari. But coverage of real events and crimes seem to gain little interest from reporters and editors, outside of the first day’s reaction. A sad state of affairs!

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