Child Predator Loose on Staten Island

A late-breaking story reveals that a 13-year-old Long Island, NY boy was abducted yesterday morning, while walking through a park to catch his school bus.  The predator handcuffed the boy to a tree and removed most of his clothing.   The child has been terribly traumatized, as you can well imagine, and police are unclear about many of the details surrounding his abduction.  Nevertheless, police suspect the child was molested.

He was discovered early this morning after a pedestrian heard his cries for help and alerted two ASPCA agents nearby.  The agents found the teen shivering from the cold, clad only in boxer shorts, his arms wrapped aroud the tree and secured by handcuffs.

 There is a story from New York City’s here:,0,5978892.story?coll=ny-linews-headlines

UPDATE of 3/22 at 8:00 AM CST:  It seems this teenager may have known his attacker?  The ABC Channel 7 in NYC post this story about a MySpace link:


One response to “Child Predator Loose on Staten Island

  1. Something tells me this is a case of student hazing …. childhood prank. The media and the residents of Staten Island are just so eager to believe that this is the work of some pedophile/madman. Its the “missing white woman” syndrome all over again. Also lets look at the reported suspect …. An African American male. hmmm the ultimate boogy man. How tall was he ? What was he wearing ? How old is he ? Long hair ? Short hair ? Was he fat,slim,tall, or short ?… All the info the police have is the color of his skin ?…. Okay boys, lets go arrest everyone who fits the description. The profile of most pedophiles is the middle aged white male.
    Im sure there are African American male pedophiles , but walking around abducting kids in Staten Island ??? For the sake of the child , I hope Im right. And in a few days we will hear about two or three kids from the childs school will get detention or be suspended. Then we will forget it ever happened. But one thing will remain, parents will continue to warn there kids as they leave for school, “Beware of the boogy man.”

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