Toddler Dies from Abuse in Savannah

A two-year-old child in Savannah, Georgia has died after having his wrists and ankles tied and being tortured with burns and repeatedly beaten.


Commander Bob Merriman of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Violent Crimes Unit has joined too many others just this year alone in saying the child’s death is probably the most grisly example of child abuse he has seen in his 32 years of police work.


The child, Quawee Lee, was pronounced dead upon arrival at Savannah’s Memorial Health University Medical Center yesterday evening. An autopsy revealed the child’s cause of death was blunt-force trauma, and also stipulated the child has obviously endured a long history of abuse.


“Investigators are certain of (abuse) after receiving the results of the medical reports,” said Merriman.  “This child endured a lot of pain,” he said.  “I’m emotional about this – It’s a two-year-old baby.”


Shonna Johnson, 27, and Joe Johnson, 29, will be arraigned this afternoon on charges of murder for Shonna and first-degree criminal cruelty to a child for Joe.  The child had apparently been left in their “care” by the mother’s boyfriend.


Detectives are looking for the child’s mother, Shatoya Lee, who is nowhere to be found.  “No one seems to know where she is,” said Merriman.  Police are undergoing an intensive manhunt to find her and question her in the matter.  Merriman declined to say whether the mother may face criminal charges herself.


It is unknown if police are also seeking the mother’s boyfriend, who left the child in this couple’s care.


The Savannah Morning News story is here: 


Channel 11 has this story:



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