Maryland Eagle Scout Earns EVERY Badge Possible

Today is just one of those very special days, in which you cannot help but smile.  And this story about 18-year-old James Calderwood from Chevy Chase, MD has me standing up and cheering for him, and certainly for his parents, too.

This young man has earned every single achievement badge the Boys Scouts of America can bestow, including one (for Atomic Energy) that is no longer offered.  Mr. James Calderwood can proudly say he has achieved what rare, rare individuals have done.   The BSA doesn’t even keep records of those who have accomplished Calderwood’s feats, since so few ever have in their entire history.

 Calderwood didn’t even enter the Boy Scouts until he was in the 6th Grade and jumped into every program and educational event possible with the determination of a cliff diver.   He earned the title and rank of Eagle Scout five years ago at the mere age of 13.

Not surprisingly, James is the product of a highly supportive and interactive home.  His father is an antitrust attorney and downright fairly good golfer, and his mother is a retired US Coast Guard Admiral.

Read this young man’s outstanding story of achievement and never question the importance of staying deeply involved with your children’s lives, likes and endeavors.

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One response to “Maryland Eagle Scout Earns EVERY Badge Possible

  1. Dear James Calderwood, I came across your incredible achievments whilst looking for Troup 10 that was situated in Maryland back in the early 1900’s – 1924 to be exact. At the time a young man named Ron Hubbard achieved Eagle Scout status at the age of 13 and considered the youngest Eagle Scout at that time. I was very interested in the fact that you, also was an Eagle Scout at 13 years old. Very well done to you and your family. I would love to meet with you and congratulate you and your achievements. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Kindest Regards, Kaye Conley

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