Sheehan loses 501(3)C Protection in Texas

Cindy Sheehan’s non-profit corporation, the Crawford Peace House, has had its charter revoked by the Texas State Comptroller for failing to file required paperwork, including income and expense documents for more than a year.


Now the State of Texas and the IRS are going to want to know the defunct corporation’s entire financial history.

Regardless of whether this failure to comply with Texas corporate law was due to mismangement or malfeasance, Sheehan and her corporate directors and officers have now lost all protections from personal liability in any debts or causes of action levied against Crawford Peace House.  And any ignorance in understanding the filing requirements is no defense whatsoever under the law.

KCEN-TV in Temple, Texas has this rather detailed report here:

From the Texas Comptroller is this general status page:

Also from the Comptroller, the list of directors:

And finally, the Comptroller’s formal Certificate of Account Status dated freshly this morning:


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