Fort Dix Targeted by 6 Islamic Radicals

Six radical Islamic men have been arrested overnight by FBI officials in a terrorism plot they had been hatching for the last year against various US military bases and a federal building in the Northeast.


Quick thinking on the part of a US Citizen led to their arrest, as the group, including three brothers, brought a CD “training video” to his store to be copied.  The fellow happened to watch a bit of the video, full of automatic rifle practice and various “testimonies” from the six regarding their hate of the US they created in the Poconos, and called the FBI.


According to officials, one of the six is from Jordan, another from Turkey, and the remaining four are from the former state of Yugoslavia.  Three of the last four are brothers and each of the three is an illegal alien in the US!  Most, if not all of the men have been in the US for several years.  All six members of this alleged terror cell are known “disciples of Osama Bin Laden.”  And among some of the evidence seized by authorities are videotapes with “significant” discussions of martyrdom, as well as two downloaded Last Will and Testaments from two of the plane hijackers from the September 11, 2001 terror attack upon the World Trade Center.


Among the groups initial targets for terrorism were Dover Air base, Fort Monmouth, a Coast Guard building in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Federal building, before they finally chose Fort Dix as the best choice.


“Sources told NewsChannel 4’s Brian Thompson that the family of one of the suspects owns a pizzeria near Fort Dix and claimed to know the base ‘like the back of his hand.’ The same suspect told the alleged terror group it would be easy to penetrate to ‘get the most soldiers killed,’ sources said.”


The six conducted “training exercises” in the Poconos sometime in early January 2006.  And after they stupidly brought their videos on CD to the Cherry Hill, NJ shop for copying and the FBI was alerted by a smart John Doe, the FBI inserted a covert “cooperating witness” into their midst.  His role was to be the go-between in the group’s efforts to purchase AK-47 and AR-15 rifle.  The group was finally arrested last night when the “cooperating witness” delivered dummy rifles to them after they had paid him their funds for same.


The six will be arraigned in Federal Court today at 1:00 p.m. ET and a news conference by the Department of Justice is scheduled for  2:30 p.m. ET today.


Here is the report from the NBC affiliate in
New York City: 


And Michelle Malkin has a LOT to offer with many other links here: 

Another typically exceptionally well done writeup by Captain’s Quarters here:



One response to “Fort Dix Targeted by 6 Islamic Radicals

  1. Sorry. Guess this shatters the illusion that by wasting 3000 lives in Iraq, we’re preventing “them” from taking the fight to our streets. Sucks to be you.

    Eheavenlygads says: Actually, Kougar, it sucks to be all of us, since this is merely the beginning. You can kiss your idyllic childhood of safety goodbye for your own progeny and mine. What a shame you — not I — consider the deaths of US soldiers to be a waste. And imagine my surprise to look you up and find your URL hails from the United States Army Military Information Technology Center in the Fort Sam Houston, TX area. You may well consider the deaths of US soldiers to be a waste, but it hasn’t stopped you from earning a dollar on their backs, hum?

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