The Erasure of LA’s Thin Blue Line

LAPD Chief William Bratton has once more shown his true cards.  After the MacArthur Park rally for illegal alien “rights” and amnesty last week that erupted into an orderly evacuation of the park by LA Police, Bratton has apologized to the world for the “inappropriate conduct” by his finest battalion of peace keepers and has placed all 60 members under administrative review.


Why in the world, after seeing the videos that I have seen (and will share here) of the anarchist and thuggish behavior of the small crowd that DIDN’T IMMEDIATELY LEAVE (as most actually did), and the amazing restraint of the police when pelted with rocks and urine-filled bottles, would their chief cut their throats?


Well, it’s fairly simple in my book.  After just a smidgeon of research today, I have learned that Bratton is up for reappointment as Chief of Police by LA’s reprehensible mayor and council, who originally hired Bratton to clean up their city.  Of course, the suggestions he made and tactics undertaken were quickly nixed.  Beginning as soon as this afternoon, LA city officials will begin talking about whether to reappoint Bratton to his position as Chief of Police.  And everyone expects that reappointment to arriving in record-setting time.


Bratton has this week sent a loud and clear message to LA’s finest in blue:  you’re worthless!  Anything we tell you to do, and you do to the best of your training and abilities, in full conformance with LA policies, WILL be used against you!


Here’s a video shot by an LA blogger, who intended on showing the world why illegal aliens deserve amnesty and “their rights as US Citizens.”  The video was captured after he posted it on his blog and has been edited admittedly by the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC to add subtitled comments and facts.  The video footage is untouched and shows with amazing clarity the inherent lack of respect and understanding of basic laws of this land.  Indeed, police are supported by law-abiders.  Too bad today’s youth and illegal aliens and their supporters seem Hell-bent on ignoring law and order.


Direct from YouTube:


Widen your eyes.


Here also is an editorial to the LA Daily News that details Bratton with all enlightenment.  I recommend the read highly:


Chief Bratton is a complete disgrace and so are the political leaders in LA unless, of course, you are an illegal alien seeking sanctuary.  Are these “leaders” allowing anarchy to proliferate in the hopes of garnering votes?  Well, they’re in good company these days.




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