3 of Fort Dix 6 Sneaked Over the Texas-Mexico Border

Need a little more reassurance as to why our spineless Congress and obstinate President should immediately seal the US-Mexico Border for good?  And post-haste?

Read this from Michelle Malkin.  The three illegal alien brothers, who were part of the six Jihadists targeting Fort Dix until they were busted a couple of nights ago, apparently sneaked over the border near Brownsville, TX in the early 1980s….  Gee!  Do you think maybe there are a few more hiding out just like these fine fellows?


James Pinkerton has written another well-done of his summaries on the subject.  His money quote of the day:  “And, since we have just been reminded yet again that illegal aliens can be terrorists, we should ask a further question: Do we really have to wait for an A-bomb to go off in a U.S. city before we get curious as to who is in our midst?”

Full link to Pinkerton:  http://www.newsday.com/news/opinion/ny-oppin105206058may10,0,3060585.column?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines\n
Another nail in the Amnesty Coffin….  This merely underscores my belief that we can all kiss what was our own safe childhoods goodbye for our progeny.  At least I have a personal memory of what life was like growing up in America before you had to lock your doors at night.

Further, were there actually TEN people involved in the failed terorism plot against Fort Dix?  The FBI thinks so.

Read this story and weap:  http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewNation.asp?Page=/Nation/archive/200705/NAT20070510c.html


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