The Unspeakable Murders of Channon and Christopher

I can find no words to describe the inconceivable evil that five human beings brought against two young people, one a senior in sociology at the University of Tennessee, at the beginning of this year.  I have struggled to even partially comprehend the level of attrocities, the terror committed, the pain inflicted upon two other human beings.  And I remain stunned in the aftermath of verifing this tragedy is very real.

This is a story that has not hit the mainstream media and would not be noticed at all, if not for the local Knoxville press and the blogosphere at large.  Like me, people across America and beyond are struggling to understand why this story has received practically no coverage when this case sincerely makes the Missouri monster, Michael Devlin, seem like a boy scout in comparison.  And Devlin’s attrocities committed against two young boys will have me cheering if and when he is put to death…if I live so long to see it.

This case is much, much worse across the board.

Is the evil committed in this case too gruesome for media to report?  (Doubtful.)  Is it that murder has become so commonplace today that this attrocity is not even considered “news” in our wholly narcissistic society?  (Perhaps.)  Is it because there was no chase to cover, no developing story to grab our attention, no manifesto sent by these evils to NBC?  (Undoubtedly.)

Could it be that our mainstream media has a specific agenda regarding race and hate crimes, under which this story doesn’t have a place?  Is it that the two murdered young people were white and the five evil monsters who carjacked the couple, gang-raped and sodomized them, mutilated and tortured them so horribly were black thugs…and there is no Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to find this event reprehensible and scream for justice?  (Inarguably.)

I join a quickly growing host of people who seek answers and absolutely demand that this story be told.  And I ask you to join me in doing the same.  Regardless of one’s opinion as to why this story has not received attention and far beyond the fact that the assailants are black, their hatred of humanity is terrifyingly clear for the world to see through their methods of orchestrating the ends of two innocent, young lives.

May God bless and bring comfort to the families and so many friends of Channon Christian, 21, and 23-year-old Christopher Newsom.

Be clearly warned:  This post is extremely graphic.

On Saturday evening, January 6, 2007, Christopher and Channon left on a date to have dinner and find fun in Knoxville.  At around 12:30 a.m., Channon called her parents and told her father that they were headed to join some friends at one of their houses, but would be home in a couple of hours.

But the couple never made it.  They met the incarnations of evil.

At a location that authorities will not release, Channon and Christopher were carjacked by three black thugs.  They were robbed and beaten, bound, gagged and blindfolded, and taken to a house where a young black woman only 18 years of age, was there waiting to join the party. Once at the house, Christopher was repeatedly sodomized and gang-raped by ALL four and brutally beaten, while Channon was forced to watch and listen to his screams of agony as the evil ones laughed and drooled in their joy.  Then the group turned their sights to Channon and ALL four repeatedly and brutally gang-raped and sodomized her, while Christopher was forced to watch and listen helplessly.

At some point during that Sunday, it was reported the group used a box cutter to castrate Christopher, forcing Channon to watch this unbearable torture.  Then he was shot three times.  At some point, Christopher was soaked with gasoline and set afire, but I can find no credible information as to when or where.  Christopher was wrapped up in bedsheets and/or a comfortor and taken away by one of the thugs to be dumped nearby.  Police have clearly stated their belief that Christopher was dead by nightfall.

Meanwhile, the remaining four continued to rape, beat, sodomize and urinate upon Channon repeatedly, and they did so throughout Sunday and late into the night before Monday’s dawn.  They sprayed a household disenfectant into her mouth and other orifices – not to poison or kill her, but to try and destroy their DNA evidence.  The evils used the same box cutter to completely sever one of her breasts, apparently while she was still alive.  She may have been strangled and she was certainly set afire.  Then Channon was completely dismembered, her body parts thrown into trash bags.

And the incarnates of evil scattered to the four winds.

When Channon and Christopher failed to return home that Sunday morning, nor could either be reached by cell phone overnight, their frantic parents notified Knoxville police and a large scale search ensued across the area.Shortly after Noon that Sunday, Christopher’s body was found by a railroad worker wrapped in “a sheet or a comfortor,” laying where it had been thrown alongside some railroad tracks on the seedy east side of town.  His body had been mutilated and beaten mercilessly, he had been bound with rope or bootlaces, shot three times, and his body had been badly burned using an accellerant.

When Channon could not be found overnight, a search warrant was issued to her cell phone provider and they were finally able to trace her phone signal to the nearest tower by the end of the day.  Her family and police found her abandoned vehicle  late Monday only about two blocks away from where Christopher’s body was found and, by the way, about two blocks from where their tortures and murders had been committed.From the vehicle, forensic teams were able to lift a fingerprint that was a perfect match for one Lamaricus Devall Davidson, a local thug who was released in August 2006 after serving time in the state penitentiary for multiple convictions on aggravated robbery and carjacking from Madison County.

On Tuesday mid-afternoon, Police swarmed Davidson’s residence of record, a rental home he shared with his half-brother Letalvis Cobbins and Cobbins’ live-in lover, Valerie Coleman, 18.  Cobbins is also a convicted felon.  He was convicted on felonious third-degree attempted robbery in Queens County, New York in 2003, although I cannot ascertain if he ever spent any time behind bars.Police found no one inside the house and the front door was open.  What they did find was an unrecognizable body that had been brutalized, mutilated, dismembered and contained within five separate trash bags stuffed into a large trash can in the kitchen.  The Knox County ME later identified the body as Channon Christian.

Police now began a search for Davidson and Cobbins, whom they described as “persons of interest.”

On Thursday morning, county, state and federal authorities tracked down Cobbins and George Thomas hiding out at a friend’s home in Lebanon, Kentucky.  Later that afternoon, police tracked down Davidson hiding out in a vacant house in the Mechanicsville area.  When police apprehended him, he began crying uncontrollably, according to a statement made by the Knox County DA.

In two separate searches of the residence (before and after Davidson’s arrest), police seized a ton of inflamatory evidence in addition to the loaded .22 pistol police recovered from Davidson’s person and a .9mm taken from Cobbins at the time of their arrests.  There was a .30 caliber rifle, two empty boxes of .22 ammo, a few empty .22 casings, a 9mm magazine (with Cobbins’ fingerprints), loose .22 and .38 Special bullets, gasoline- and blood-soaked clothing, blankets and clothing fragments, hair, socks, shoes, a gun cleaning kit, several cell phones, a silver I-Pod, a near empty spray bottle of household disinfectant, two red gas cans, and a plastic bag with more hair and socks…to name merely a few of the police evidence listings.

Soon after the initial three arrests, police began chatting with Vanessa Coleman, Cobbins’ live-in and mother of his two young children.  Coleman was discovered when police raided the Lebanon, KY house to find Cobbins and Thomas.  Considered a witness at first, she described to police what had happened in the house and that she had seen some of the attrocities.  As is now known, she was a very active participant every step of the way of  Channon’s and Christopher’s torture and demise.

Coleman was finally arrested in early February in Lebanon, Kentucky and fought extradition back to Tennessee for weeks.  She’s there now, though.  Unlike the other thugs, Coleman (also indigent) managed to secure representation by a private attorney, although people cannot conceive of who is paying what will be her huge legal tab.  All of the attorneys are certified as being qualified to represent death penalty cases.

Meanwhile, back at the jail, Davidson, Cobbins and Thomas all coughed up blame on each other after their arrests, and Davidson provided the name of  a fourth man, Eric Boyd.  It was Boyd, they said, who had taken Christopher’s dead body away.  Boyd was the worst one of all, they all declared.  Boyd was soon picked up, as well.

To make a long and potentially confusing legal story short, there are federal and state crimes cited in this matter.  Davidson, Cobbins and Thomas each face 46 charges from the Knox County Grand Jury of premeditated murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery and theft.  Vanessa Coleman also faces 40 charges from Knox County of premeditated murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery and theft.  There are also weapons charges involved, since Davidson and Cobbins were felons.

As you will see if you view the indictment linked below and review these statutes, these charges are vague and wide and, as such, will give a jury a great deal of room with which to convict these monsters.

Federal carjacking charges were also filed against Davidson, Cobbins and Thomas, although those charges were withdrawn.  In my opinion, the reason for this is so that the state may go forward on their case and, in the event the jury fails to serve sound judgement or deliver significant sentences, the feds can then reinstate their charges under a separate trial.  And the fed charges carry very hefty mandatory sentences.

Eric Boyd, a convicted serial robber and fellow felon, was No Billed by Knox County on all the counts levied against his thug pals, but has been indicted by the Federal Grand Jury as an accessory after the fact.  This thug was contacted by Davidson during the wee hours of Monday morning, who described to Boyd the carjacking, tortures and murders at his house.  Boyd helped Davidson to escape the area later that evening.  Boyd let Davidson make a myriad of phone calls from his own cell phone and helped him break into the vacant house on Reynolds Street in the Mechanicsville neighborhood, where police later apprehended Davidson and the .22 pistol he was carrying.

The level of complete depravity of these five is horrific in itself and, at very least of the issues involved, is that this case provides a clear snapshot of the level to which our society has plunged.

Monsters walk among us.

A hearing on various pretrial motions in the cases of Davidson, Cobbins and Thomas and Coleman is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, May 17 in Knoxville.


 First and foremost, I entreat you to watch a loving and amazing benediction created by a friend of Channon Christian at YouTube.  See For Channon Christian. This is the original video posted to YouTube on January 9th by FarragutAlumni. Channon was a Farragut High grad.

For more information, and the most astounding amount of police records made public in my memory, see the following links:  Read the state’s Indictment against Davidson, Cobbins, Thomas and Coleman.

Here are the police Search Warrants and Seized Evidence List. 

From the Knoxville News Sentinel comes This informative article. Be certain to check the right margins where a ton of information waits, including the Federal complaints filed by BATF and US Marshal agents against Davidson, Cobbins, Boyd and Thomas.

From Tightrope comes This article detailing the charges and possible sentences. 

From Mark Alexander comes this compelling article regarding race issues in Murder in Black and White. I cannot possible agree more with Mr. Alexander’s assertion, “This appalling attack is more than a case study in sociopathic evil. It is also a case study in journalistic malpractice.”  And I wholly embrace the entirety of his posting, as well.

This from Newsbusters on The National Media’s Refusal to Cover White Couple’s Murder Suggests PC at Work. 

From Wake Up America comes this heartfelt and poignant account in A Call to Justice.  (You will need to scroll down to find the article that is the second one on this page.)

And for those who, like me, find this gruesome account wholly inconceivable, Snopes has their own verification of the facts in their reporting of Newsom/Christian Murders.

UPDATE:   5:00 p.m.  Large-scale word is now getting out.  Michelle Malkin speaks about this murder and the media’s reprehensible ignorance of the story in this week’s VENT segment. Click on the video screen twice to begin.

UPDATE:  May 18th at 11:30 a.m.  Fox News’ Bill Hemmer aired a report on the murders on his BYA (Because You Asked) segment this morning.  While it was a cleaned-up account, it nevertheless hit the topics of possible reverse racial bias and questioned the nature of the murders as a hate crime.  In a carefully worded sentence, he also eluded to the torture these young people endured.  HotAir has a link to the Fox story Here.   I have no doubt the “You” in BYA was primarily Michelle Malkin, in addition to the likely hundreds of emails they’ve been receiving lately.

UPDATE:  May 19th at 9:45 a.m.  More charges have been added to the list for Lamaricus Davidson.  It seems that killing Channon and Christopher wasn’t enough to sate the evil needs of this thug.  On the day Christopher’s body was discovered, Davidson robbed a local Pizza Hut at gunpoint and tried to steal a woman’s purse.  Six new charges of aggravated robbery, attempted robbery, aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon (by a felon) will not be tried with the murder case that is set to begin next year.  See WVLT’s coverage of these new charges Here.


19 responses to “The Unspeakable Murders of Channon and Christopher

  1. I am saddened by the absolute amorality and depravity of this evil crime. Such sadism must not go unpunished. But, I fear the tendency of the system to go easier on women. This woman suspect must not be given any quarter, nor a lighter sentence, nor preferential treatment-no deals. She is, allegedly at least, a murderer, a rapist, and a thug. Just like the men.

  2. I have no idea how the media missed this terrible, terrible double-murder. Maybe I am naive, but I don’t think the lack of journalistic response has anything to do with “black and white”. Do I believe the murders were committed because of racial prejudice? More than likely.

    But for me, at least, the absolute brutality of these murders (and preceding torture) cause me to have difficulty even thinking of the killers as human or their having even the slightest relationship with God.

    I don’t see color except for my own red rage. And, that is through eyes filled with tears of sadness for the two victims, their families and for the rest of us in this world.

  3. Michael Barger

    Thanks so much for gathering all this info on these horrendous murders. I just found out about this on Hot Air. It is difficult to believe that there has been so little coverage in the five months since it occured. I hope you will continue to post on all of this.

  4. My God, I’m horrified. I’m with Michael here, you put a ton together and it certainly is inconcievable that this was not a media frenzy.
    I have no more words.

  5. Pingback: A Horrifying Murder..Bet you never heard about it. « The Alter Ego of C.Wonder

  6. Holy… @#$#@$@ that is absolutely … with out words. The devil truly is amongst us. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this and I am only in Charlotte, NC. They should castrate all of them in return.

  7. JohnInFlorida

    Dear God, I have no words.

  8. Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino

    90s-children who allegedly perpetrated this ‘non-hate’ crime almost seem benign as compared with our fine, upstanding, media. Theyve assiduously labored to keep the world ignorant of this horrific, demonic, atrocity.

    Will justice be dealt these individuals, of whom Ms. Coleman, and ‘sloe-eyed’ Mr. Boyd seem, oddly, the most malevolent?

    Might this be a good time to question one’s religion, as we’re aptly counseled, to see if it isn’t so? If we lack faith, mightn’t this be a good time to draw close to our Creator, so as to discern the Truth?

    Alternatives? Yes, there are a few….

    The law? Bought. The Courts? Cooked. They’ll slam you and I into the darkest dungeon, and appoint the above beasts as our innkeepers, for the high crime of reckless parking.

    As for the above ‘children of the 90s’? Liver flukes with law degrees line up to excuse their demonic behavior and thwart justice. How do indigent monsters, after all, afford private counsel? I can’t. Can you?

    Who’s funding this malarchy? Why?

    No matter. The One whose name means He Causes To Become, will shortly bring to ruin those ruining the earth. Those who dominate their fellow man to injury, may themselves become nothing – forever.

    In time, our Creator will undo the horrors of this worldly system and those who champion it, to the delight of all. Though hard to believe at present, this sweet young couple are preserved in God’s memory, and may well be restored to life.

    Doubtless, many will chortle. The wise, won’t.

    Forget courts. Dismiss lawyers and their lies. Those who brazenly celebrate these monsters should do so immediately, with great gusto, and not stop. Their time to do so is dwindling.

    Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    19 May, 2007

  9. Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino

    PS –

    The least the undersigned can do is publish this story on early next week, with abundant links to this and other sites which dare to tell the truth.

    And the mainstream media wonders why we long ago tuned them out?

    Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    18 May, 2007

  10. Someone actually wrote that “black and white” had nothing to do with the lack of media coverage? Hello. Anyone home? Reverse the races of the torturer-killers and victims, or make the victims gay, and they’d have to schedule extra flights to haul all the mainstream media vultures into Knoxville to pontificate about white racism ad nauseum.

  11. I whole heartedly agree with “Buck.” When I saw this article first on CrimeLibrary, and then found my way here; I was absolutely appalled! I had no idea this had happened; I was searching for other cases and came across it.

    If the couple had been black, and the murderers white, Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, the NAACP, and all the media would be on this case from the get go. I am by no means a racist individual, but I sincerely feel this is reverse discrimination.

  12. This whole mess certainly supports my theory that there should be no such thing as an ex-con.

  13. Let me be clear, I feel confident that our front-line Knoxville Police Department officers are very competent and professional. I venture to say the quality of our KPD officers would rival any other metro police department in the United States. Further, I very much appreciate KPD service to myself and the Knoxville community.

    This correspondence does not question the KPD department per se. The following correspondence questions whether we have the best person(i.e. Sterling Owen) to lead
    KPD. Especially considering we now have Tim Hutchison available to lead KPD.

    The following statements contain some of the most troubling words involving this case –
    ” * Davidson and Boyd allegedly had been on a veritable robbery spree in the past few months, robbing restaurant employees,
    committing home invasion robberies and plotting a bank robbery. ” —
    Affidavit from Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy Stone
    ” He told Judge Richard Baumgartner at a hearing Thursday in Knox County Criminal Court that prosecutors intend to show that the Jan. 8 robbery charges were part of an “ongoing” crime spree of which the slayings were a part. ” — Indictment from Assistant District Attorney General Leland Price
    The words, from the Federal Prosecutor and Attorney General, that trouble me most involve the “crime spree”.
    Those words are “…few months…” and ‘”…ongoing…”‘.
    Therefore, I ask, ‘What is the acceptable length of time for criminals to be caught during a ‘crime spree’ —
    days, weeks, months ? Further, does Owen direct his officers to make money for the city and KPD(i.e. “To Fine and Neglect”),
    rather than actively pursue the bad buys(i.e. “To Serve and Protect”) ?

  14. I don’t cry very often. Maybe due to the unfairness life has dealt me, or maybe Prozac; but this story has brought me to tears more than once.
    I can not fathom the depth of injustice that was experienced by these 2 innocent souls; may God/Goddess bless them with a supreme existence in their next dimension.
    I don’t want to see these assholes get the death penalty>>that is TOO KIND; may they rot in prison and slowly realize what they did and will be held accountable to the Holy Spirit and have the same nightmares they caused, to happen to them. These inhuman monsters will pay!

  15. What kind of depraved “person” could commit a crime of this magnitude? I suspect all of these people have criminal backgrounds. As to the question of why Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson haven’t spoken out regarding this case, perhaps they didn’t hear of it either, AND there’s no reason for them to defend this kind of scum.

    I’ll be so happy when the day comes that we can look at the crime, and not the color. Who cares if the victims were white or black? These two innocent, beautiful people didn’t deserve to die this way. No one deserves to die this way. What we need to do is look at our penal system. I can’t believe that these people were ever let out of prison. They didn’t just wake up one day and decide to commit this horror.

    There are too many horrific murders in America, committed by too many people, and all we can do is worry about black and white. Or compare statistics on black/white crime vs black/black crime, or whatever. What are we doing in America to foster the likes of these people, or John Wayne Gacey (or however you spell his name), Jeffrey Dahlmer, The Washington, DC Snipers, husbands killing wives, mothers killing children, children killing parents. That’s the problem, not black and white. So, let’s focus on making a better world by making sure we love our families first, and by showing kindness and respect for others next. We need to improve our schools. There’s so much that we can do, I just can’t write it all here. Please God, bless the Newsome/Christian family and friends. Thanks

    EHeavenlyGads: Wiseenough, I actually agree with you. I also pray for the day when we can look at the crime and not see the color involved. However, I consider Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to be the greatest enragers of racism our country has ever seen, clearly and without exception limiting their civil rights efforts to Black Americans, when so many others — of ALL colors, creeds and national origins — have suffered extreme actions against their own civil rights. Channon and Christopher are a screaming example. One cannot exclude the race-driven hate crime that was their murders. And one cannot exclude the stupifying silence of our nation’s top voices against race-driven hate crimes.

    But you did hit one exceptionally germane point almost in placing the blame for the monstrocities on what we are doing in America to foster the likes of these people. More clearly, I would submit the actual crime America has fostered is in creating a climate over the last three decades leading to the breakdown of its familes to raise our children with integrity, morality and hope in its future. It always rolls down to the family and there is nothing our government can do to legislate parental involvement or care.

  16. I’m just plain numb after reading about this story, a crime that happened almost a year ago but one which I just happened to stumble upon today. Will Nancy Grace of Court TV rant about this case over and over again, like she did the embarrassingly contrived Duke “rape” case? Somehow I don’t think so.

    EHeavenlyGads: Jim, I remain numb myself. A reprehensible VOID of attention has been paid to this case beyond Knoxville. And there were only the slightest of watered-down coverage offered by FOX and CNN months after the murder when the blogosphere exploded its disgust with the lack of media coverage, and most of that centered upon white supremicists marching in the area. The trials for these four monsters will begin next year and the only news lately is that the prosecutor will seek the death penalty against Letalvis Cobbins. Interesting thing that, since Cobbin’s brother Lamaricus Davidson was the ringleader of the group. And no hate crime statue will be invoked for any of the four assailants, as the prosecutor has said “there is absolutely no evidence of a hate crime.” Indeed? What could possibly be more clear an act of hatred than the manner in which Channon and Christopher were kidnapped, beaten, tortured for days, set afire, gang-raped and finally, finally killed?

  17. Filthy [expletive deleted by host].
    Plain and simple.

    EHeavenlyGads: JD, I altered your post, which is something I have done only once before. While I thank you for your comments and welcome any you may continue to have, clearly understand that I will edit same as I see fit should I deem them incendiary, vulgar and/or hateful. I appreciate your understanding on this matter.

  18. I was incredibly dumbfounded that a newsy such as myself had not heard a whisper about this. I also hang out with people who think they are well informed from their exposure to the news and I can guarantee you that they are unaware. The shear savagery and brutality make this case noteworthy. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN where the hell are you? I’m so disgusted with the media in this country that I find this is only the latest example of the media coloring our opinions by deliberately keeping us uninformed. I think slavery, racism, murder and rape all repugnant. Why the cover up!

  19. Embarassed to say right now that I am from the fine city of K-Town, and what a fine job the Knoxville News Sentinel and National media has done to sweep this under the rug because my goodness we dont want to let our fine city of people know what is just outside their door in the “inner city” just a few minutes either way from any of the higher upper class that lives excuse me exist there with their narrow minded blinders on exempt they think from such savages yes savages Mr. SHARPTON and the nappy headed kind at that [Shhhh… everyone he might be on the way down here now!]As far as being a hate crime a racist crime how could anyone that has lived and been around the black community not know that? We all know that was a kill whitey crime and thats a fact, and i dont need a 200,ooo.00 a year Phsycologist to tell me that, These few scabs on society that did this crime are the few percentage of the black community that still thinks that all white people are guilty of the bonds of slavery that their ancestors were in 200 years ago, the price for their freedom that they so enjoy now.Or maybe somewould should ask them would they like to turn back history and give Channon and Christian their lives back and in turn they go back to the Congo or Darfur I believe I know what the two lives they took would do. The most dangerous thing in any community ecspecially the black ones is ignorance of their history and culture sad to say that Mississippi Burning and Roots is probably the only idea they know of their ancestors and that is Government issue, yes they play right into the systems plans when they commit the crimes that they do because the thing the government local and federal is most afraid of is the poor blacks and the poor whites ever uniting into one voice but as long as you have these ignorant thugs black and white commiting the things that they done to these two innocent young people the system knows that it erodes any cohesion that might ever be.
    I must start a new line to express the sadness that i feel for these two young lives families
    it would be unspeakable to even say in the same paragraph with such evil as their killers are mentioned on.

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