INS Too Busy to Watch the Fort Dix Six

Here is another reality of our times destined only to become worse in the future ahead:


Remember the six men arrested in their foiled terrorism plot to attack Fort Dix, of which three brothers were illegal aliens?  In a post by HotAir, we are informed the INS knew about these three illegals for two decades, but a beauracratic paperwork backlog allowed the entire family to remain here illegally and suspended any effort that could have deported them.


My jury remains out on whether a quick decision on the family’s 1989 asylum request would have prevented the near-miss at Fort Dix, since (a) their request could have been granted; or (b) they could have sneaked back over the Brownsville border if deported.  Yet this story undeniably screams at how overburdened our government has become, and especially so the INS.


Click here for enlightenment.


Gee.  I wonder just how yesterday’s newly proposed “Amnesty Under Another Name” bill, if passed, would further bury the INS?


Behold the consequences of  reactive legislation and a congress with a preponderance of members more concerned with re-election than rationality and responsiveness to their electorates.




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