Ponder the Brilliance of Kristen Byrnes

Kristen Byrnes is a 15-year-old overachiever, who lives in Portland, Maine, and has delivered to me a needed trade wind of hope for our future.  I thank Newsbusters for having brought this wonderful story to my radar screen…


Regardless of which side you stand on the issue of Global Warming, young Kristen has written a brilliant thesis that took her four months to compile for extra credit in her Honors Earth Sciences class.  And during those likely arduous four months of research and writing, she maintained a 4.0 average in all of her other Honors classes, while also competing on her school’s track and field team.


Indeed, the pride of her family and friends must be overwhelming.  Complete strangers are proud of her, for Heaven’ sake!


I happen to concur with Kristen in her conclusions, but it is her approach, her concise writing and her obvious care and diligence in the authority of her citations that have me spellbound with the future ahead of her.


Read and learn from Kristen’s Ponder the Maunder, compiled and written after watching Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  “Maunder,” by the way, is defined as foolish talk.


The moral of this story is in witness to what a young person can do when raised in a home with actively involved parents and in an educational environment with inspiring teachers.  Something tells me, though, that Kristen was and is destined to shine brightly, no matter what challenges come her way.\


Should you wish to contact Kristen and comment on her paper, be advised that her Stepfather controls the roost – not only will all emails be screened, but any wackos spouting any unsavory retorts may be reported to the FBI.  Corrections to her hypotheses are welcomed, but please provide the same diligence in authority as did Kristen.


The Newsbusters post is Here.



One response to “Ponder the Brilliance of Kristen Byrnes

  1. write on, Kristen. your post at Dot Earth was fine.

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