Think Your Pockets are Near Empty Now?

From one of my favorite bloggers, SeeJaneMom, comes the following quote: 

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the beginning of an epoch of unparalleled American lassitude when there will be more riders than those pulling the cart. One of these days very soon, Atlas will shrug, and when he does, I hope you have personally prepared yourself and your children to be very ready to live in the New American Stone Age.”

We are about to reap more real consequences from a Democratic-led Congress with the $3 TRILLION budget they’ve just passed while the 12 million illegals about to receive another amnesty has been consuming our thoughts.

So…you think four bucks a gallon for gas is going to hurt your pocketbook?  Shoot.  That ain’t nothin’!

Read Jane’s Latest, but please grab your tissues first. You’re gonna need ’em.

For those of us who want more details than our stomach’s can handle, read this detailed post at Captain’s Quarters blog. Smelling salts are recommended…


2 responses to “Think Your Pockets are Near Empty Now?

  1. Thanks for the link!!!!
    I can’t get the bottom one to work, but your thoughtful agreement is good enough.
    This scares me TO DEATH…but do you think ANYONE gives a damn? American Idol is on and their dining room needs a makeover…

    EHeavenlyGads: Sorry for my wee little error there, Jane… Link fixed! I absolutely echo your fears, though. America will be a poverty-ridden third world country in no time at all. And we can thank our wonderful Dems for hastening us down the path.

  2. I could not agree more.

    the patriot

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