The Nearing End of the Bottomless Pit

I have no doubt whatsoever that we are witnessing the end of all we hold dear in this country.  I can thank the bipartisan “leaders” of our government for trying to bring the end as quickly as possible.

Years and years of turning a blind eye to illegal aliens sneaking over en masse and year and years of footing the bills for their free healthcare, education and birth of their predominantly illegitemate offsping of “anchor babies” is going to bring a huge comeuppance to America.  Because of our arrogance, because of our apathy, because of our trust in elected officials, we are certainly due.  In short, I don’t believe it will be long at all before we turn into the third world nation that so many loud, liberal idiots have worked so hard for us to achieve.

As my grandmother so aptly said all of her life, “If you lay down with dogs, you rise up with fleas.”  And those itchy, pesky bites are now festered, with gangrene setting in with a vengeance.

Thanks to two decades of selective blindness, the illegal aliens have become the largest “Entitlement Group” in the US…seconded now only by our homegrown impoverished, many of whom are still screaming about how the government betrayed them after Katrina.  Unfortunately, those folks haven’t awakened to their newest reality:  entitlement competition.  And their share is going to be significantly reduced in short order.

Enter “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, also know as Senate Bill 2611, currently under comprehensive amendment alteration on the Senate floor.  By the time our illustrious Senators get finished with this bill, We The (Legal) People will be facing additional TRILLIONS of dollars in taxed responsibility for people who have committed crime after crime to live here, but their first in illegally entering this country to begin with.

Not only does our government want to forgive them for the BILLIONS in taxes they have refused to pay and hidden from, but by granting them the A-to-Z Visas, as newly endowed citizens, they will be entitled to BILLIONS MORE in taxpayer funds, right now only granted to them through social services and the entitlements available to their anchor babies.  And it will take a lot longer than the quoted three generations of their progeny to even begin to meet the costs for legalizing and sustaining them in the decades ahead.

Call it “amnesty,” call it a “pardon,” call it “compassion,” I don’t care.  All I care about is that the legalization of millions in an incomprehensibly short amount of time is going to bankrupt Social Security, Medicare, Medicade and destroy our shool systems all across this land.

The only “comprehensive” thing about SB2611 is its comprehensive stupidity, the comprehensive deriliction of duty of those in Congress who support it, its comprehensive compromise of our national security, and its comprehensive, unprecedented, unsurvivable economic and beauracratic nightmares ahead.

Well done, idiots.  Watch the presidential wannabes scatter to the four winds to try and develop vote-getting soundbites in the days ahead…  Then see for yourself whose votes really matter to them.

I know I am in good company in stating how wholly disgusted I am with Washington and the last two decades of people I have helped to elect.  Those in power today have sent me the resounding message that they believe their future in retaining their “power” relies in their ability to convert criminals into a voter base.  But “Entitled Ones” tend not to vote, but merely “expect.”  Our liberal leaders are determined to pardon all of these illegal aliens, regardless of how much they damage our future in the global marketplace or the level of life we have enjoyed as a nation hertofore.  Screw the folks whose salaries have been skyrocketing DOWN over the last ten years.  Who cares?  Well, I do for one.

I reel from the depths of Washington’s callous disregard for how I and the vast majority of American citizens have respected and followed our laws, moreover those from foreign lands, who have followed the rules toward legal citizenship.  Congress and my president, it seems, are spitting upon us all.   The question as to why baffles me.  Does any reasonable person (not a member of LULAC or La Reza) actually believe this bill offers any solution whatsoever to the crisis our nation faces because it has refused to do anything to stem illegal immigration in the last two decades?  In fact, I find no group or periodical, think tank, or individual that believes this bill is acceptable.  In fact, no matter where I’ve looked or who I’ve read, everyone  actually finds this bill hugely detrimental.

I’ve heard ad nauseum how illegal aliens occupy jobs that American citizens refuse to hold.  That premise, while wholly false, is the battleground for granting some 12-20 illegal aliens a pardon.  We must have an unskilled labor force!  If we get rid of the illegal aliens, our agricultural, food service, construction and hospitality industries will implode!

Give me a break!  All Congress has done over the last two decades in ignoring the costs of illegal aliens and their lives in the “shadows” was to shore-up an absolutely FASLE ECONOMY in this country.  And we taxpayers have footed the bill and shall continue to do so.  We enjoy paying $25 a week to have our yards half-mowed, but if illegal aliens aren’t around to do it for us, we may just be forced to get off of our arses and mow them ourselves.  Food shortages?  I haven’t seen any anywhere, but I have seen hundreds of annual examples of how our food is poisoned…yet another failure by our government among so many others.

If our future depends upon this country being able to guarantee an unskilled, cheap labor force, we are headed to Hell in a handbasket.  That’s Mexico’s well-known model of unsuccess.  And those numbers of supporters of “rights” for illegal aliens not only know that, but want that to be our reality. 

But wait a minute!  If business is fearing its ability to supply its cheap labor force in the future, isn’t that an indication that salaries should be going up?  Supply and demand, right?  No…not if you grant amnesty to your current illegal force of underpaid workers.  Ask Oracle, IBM, EDS, EMC and a little dot com I once helmed called Visilinx and hundreds like it about this bill and they will scream how it will erradicate their ability to hire SKILLED labor from foreign, educated pools currently being done through H-1B visas.  Let this bill go to pass, and they can kiss programmers goodbye.  Instead of hiring the brightest the world has to offer (and while they still find value in coming to the US at all), these big boys will be forced to select their employees from a point-based pool.  Whether or not the intellect, skills or education is there is irrelevant.  That’s what they’ll have to choose from:  Dumbed-down labor.  Period.

Even the groups stridently seeking amnesty for illegal aliens are balking at this bill.  The fines and “going back and forth” across the border will put undue stress upon and lead to the demise of the Mexican family.  Right.  Actually, the libs fear not having enough Entitled folks to vote for them, unless the spouse, children, brothers, sisters and grandparents come in, too.

What absolutely astounds me is that those who crafted this bill behind closed doors and those like John McCain, who wanted to rush through a vote before it could be analyzed and debated (how un-American is that??), actually believe the US can enforce this overwhelming legislation when it has never been able to control the 12-20 million illegal aliens who rushed over since the mid-1980s.  That is so absurd, it defies comedy.

And what about the 700+ miles of fence LAST YEAR’s LAW was supposed to build along the US-Mexico Border?  Oh, that’s right.  This new, “improved” bill will cut the mileage in half.  Funding it will remain optional…

If this doesn’t send the message to Mohammed to join Juan  and Juanita crossing the Rio Grande to come on in where the water is warm, nothing will.

John McCain is a disgrace, just like his buddy “The Honorable” Senator Teddy Kennedy.  And I beseach every one of you to watch how your Senator votes on this matter.  Anyone who votes in favor of this bill, I will actively pursue toward defeat.

Of course, that’s the real reason why Harry Reid and McCain and others wanted to railroad this bill in lieu of due process:  so that illegal immigration is not part of the 2008 Presidential or Congressional election debates.

This week’s antics have certainly inspired a short ton of debate for many months to come.

Write your Senators.  Write them now and write them often.  Demand that they:

1.  Enforce current law against employing illegal aliens.  If a business can’t employ illegal aliens, illegal aliens will deport themselves en masse.  No work, no play.

2. Do not grant amnesty or pardons to illegal aliens.  And for God’s sake, don’t allow their fraudulent tax debts to be forgiven…unless, of course, yours and mine can be forgiven, too.

3. Make any “guest worker” program just that, and remove entitlements to welfare and any other taxpayer-funded entitlements.   Do not allow a “guest worker” to become a citizen without following current laws and procedures for same…like everyone else who wants to become a citizen.

4. Eliminate birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens, as well as the thousands of entitlements given to these children, who are sucking our every resource dry.

5. Reduce the number of legal permanent residence visas based on kinship and increase the number of visas allocated to high-skilled workers.

6.  Stop ignoring the will of the majority of American citizens and DO YOUR JOBS!

Find an easy way of contacting our President and our local Senators and Congressmen by zipcode lookup at  You can even find your state leadership through this portal.

Want to do a few hours of enlightening reading on the cost effects of low-skilled immigrants to US Taxpayers?  Read this annotated report from the Heritage Foundation Here!  The foundation has enough qualified information to scare anyone into reality in their Amnesty and Continued Low Skill Immigration Will Substantially Raise Welfare Costs and Poverty.

Curious about some of those amendments headed to the Senate floor?  Here’s a very preliminary list that will make you ill at The Hill’s Imperfect Measure Faces a Tsunami of Amendments.

Heads up, Hazelton!  Farmer’s Branch led the nation a couple of weeks ago in its citizens voting 2 to 1 in favor of requiring no apartments or homes be provided to illegal aliens without verification of their immigration status.  But LULAC found themselves a nice liberal Federal judge, who has placed a temporary injunction on their vote, hoping the matter will be overturned in court.    The bottom of line of the judge:  Congress will not, but you cannot!  Read the Dallas Morning News article here, with a link to the .pdf of the Judge’s order of temporary injunction.

Hopefully, judges in Pennsylvania will not find themselves capable of blocking the newly formed national coalition called “State Legislators for Legal Immigration”, that also plans on picking up the slack from a defunct and greed-ridden government.  See more about this at Crosswalk’s State Legislators Call for End to ‘Illegal Alien Invasion.

In the words of my father, “The only lesson Mankind has ever learned from History is that Man never learned a damned thing from History.

Yep.  No kidding.


2 responses to “The Nearing End of the Bottomless Pit

  1. You must not live in California because all of our agriculture is thanks to illegal immigrants. It would probably be pretty hard to maintain the agriculture of this country were it not for these people willing to come over and work.
    I’m sure the rich and the off-shore corporations of this country do more to hurt your wallet and our national tax system than any of these people, but you wont hear about it on the network news stations. Instead, they pit race against race, and make failing system like medicare seem like it’s a target groups responsibility.
    This nation thrives on the competition aspect of human relations, you think for one second the news wouldnt try and spin this debate in order to throw fuel on the fire? Give me a break…
    I wonder if people like you have ever talked with illegal immigrants, I know I have, around 20-30 personally and I encounter them all the time at my job (healthcare). Everyone of them have been more than hard working, putting in well over the international “full time” work hours, and almost none of them collect federal assistance.
    That is my real world experience, and, what a shock, it differes emencly from what I hear on the news.

    EHeavenlyGads: I live in Texas, Scooter. Second only to California in the numbers of illegal aliens among us and the exorbitant cost of supporting them. Me met a few? Many, many more than you apparently. “Hundreds” would not be an exaggeration. I don’t question their “niceness”, nor their work ethic — those whom I have met are wonderful people. What I do question is how long this country can continue to support them carte blanc. “Almost none of them [those you know] collect federal assistance,” you say? Do they have children in our public schools? Do they receive their healthcare through E.R.? Do they receive food stamps? Do they bank?

    Despite what you’ve grown up to believe, there is no such thing as a free lunch. And, by the way, America is a capatalist nation, not socialist. It is not illegal for corporations to be rich, but the hopeful outcome of doing well in business…the REAL American dream. It HAS been illegal for people to breach our borders and national sovereignty SINCE THE RATIFICATION OF THE CONSTITUTION!

  2. BRAVO!!! As usual, you hit the nail on it’s big ole’ ugly head!

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