A Number to Memorialize This Holiday

As news accounts are filled with updates of the life and death of various amendments to Senate Bill 2611, a/k/a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, also come the accounts of senatorial switchboards having been tested to post-capacity by the American populace calling to voice their dissent with the measure.

People have patiently waited on hold for literal hours to reach their senator.

Oh, but not pro-amnesty folks!  Would you believe they have their own hotlines in Spanish and English that will get you through to your senator and/or junior senator in a matter of moments?

Our pals at Hotair have the number and have, with Michelle Malkin’s assistance, been broadcasting this number to the four corners.

Here is a read worthy of any amount of your time!  See Hotair’s Pro-Amnesty Hotline article and instructions, the pop over to Michelle Malkin’s Flood the Amnesty Hotline for more information than you can stomach on the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (who is bankrolling this hotline). It probably won’t surprise you to learn all of those who are involved here.

Absolutely disgusting. For the record, I have also called this number.  It works like a charm.


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