So Long, Cindy!

Followed by, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

Today’s day after our country’s celebration of American soldiers and their families, who have paid the ultimate price in our nation’s freedom and the freedom we have fought for on behalf of other nations across the planet, comes the best news I’ve read in a while.

Premier national idiot and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has announced in a letter to the world that she is calling it quits from the activist stage.  Her reasoning:   Disillusionment with the Democratic Party.

“We gave you a chance,” said Sheehan in her letter, and “you betrayed us.” 

Her letter can be read Here in its entirety.  And HotAir has a moving tribute to Ms. Sheehan as “St. Cindy” here.

For those who may not know or recall, the State of Texas yanked Sheehan’s non-profit corporation status from her Crawford Peace House in the beginning of April for failure to file required income and expense statements for more than a year, despite repeated notices from the state of same.  Not only did Sheehan and the directors of The Crawford Peace House loose their corporate protections, but they will also face potentially large bills personally from Texas and the IRS from the more than $700,000 in funds raised through this entity to augment their anti-war efforts.  I wrote about the charter revocation and included links in my post on April 5.  I have little doubt that this charter revocation and the liability exposure therein have weighed heavily on Sheehan and was the ultimate impetus for her departure from activism.

While it is saddening to me that she chose to make a PR splash attempt on Memorial Day and continues to decree that her own son, Casey, “did indeed die for nothing,” I find it rather amusing that she so strongly smeared her beloved Democratic Party across the horizon.  In that regard, I gotta thank her.

Perhaps now, for her own sake, Sheehan will seek professional psychiatric care to deal with the demons in her life, certainly the greatest of which is the loss of her son.  Or so I can hope for her.

It’s a great day, indeed, with one less wacko on the airwaves….well, as soon as the networks tire of airing and reairing, ad nauseum, her departure.


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