A Little Larceny Lagniappe

Democratic US Representative William “Dollas Bill” Jefferson from lovely Louisiana has finally been indicted on 16 counts of fraud, racketeering, soliciting bribes, money-laundering and obstructing justice (among other charges) stemming from the fed investigation that found $90,000 in cold, hard cash in the congressman’s Capitol Hill condo freezer back in August 2005.

“The FBI’s sting operation, the first of its kind since the Abscam probe targeting corrupt members of Congress in the 1970s, has already sent two former Jefferson associates to prison. Both acknowledged taking part in a scheme to funnel money to companies controlled by the nine-term congressman and his family in exchange for his help in promoting a telecommunications business in Nigeria and Ghana.”

Classy.  Like most politicians in Louisiana.  So glad to know Speaker Nancy Pelosi had so much faith in this crook that she placed him on the House Homeland Security Committee.  After all, what kind of risk could he pose there?

Geez.  This guy was a corruption overachiever, forming 25 dummy corporations and using two of his children to help him in his scheme.  Read the 94-page, inch-thick Federal Indictment here.

Jefferson started his fraud early. Read about how he got his nickname of “Dollar Bill” Jefferson in the early 1970s.


One response to “A Little Larceny Lagniappe

  1. OT>>>but what do you think of all these sextuplets born to YOUNG (hardly TRUELY infertile) couples? There is a new couple in Minn. Six born YESTERDAY at 22 weeks in critical condition….The is a link in the UPDATE portion of my post linked with my name. JUST HAD NOT SEEN YOU BLOG ON THIS YET.
    Am I being overly b*tchy?

    EHeavenlyGads: Jane, I do apologize. I’ve been canning my fingers off lately — which means my TV has been blessedly off since Friday while I’ve been steralizing about ten dozen jars, shucking a bushel and a half of the sweetest corn Texas ever grew, chopping peppers and onions and blanching jalapenos and seranos. I’ve put away several dozen jars of plum conserve, peach jam, peach jelly, plain corn, southwestern seasoned corn, salsa and cream peas. Heck, I’ve got some peach hooch brewing, too! Of course, I spent yesterday scrubbing the kitchen floor and cabinets (twice) and I’m still finding sticky spots….

    You’re bloody well right (as always) — the story you wrote about this Minnesota couple had me preaching to the fiance’ all weekend about their unbelievable narcissism and irresponsibility…just to give birth to their own genetic progeny. While the idiots of this world commend them for their courage and determination and KMart donates shoes to their sextuplets until they are ten years old, I rebuke same. Humans were never meant to have “litters” of children and the reality is that some, if not all of these innocent babies will suffer lifelong physical and/or mental disabilities. So they have their “own” children now, while thousands upon thousands of children across our land wait for someone to adopt them or spend their childhood in foster care.

    Thank you for the notice. I’ll likely be preaching into the keyboard today…

    Overly b*tchy? Egads, no! I have this feeling you’re a lot like me in that regard…when you actually ARE overly b*tchy, no one has a shred of doubt!

    Preach on, sister! I’ll be sitting on the third row listening intently, as usual ! ! ! 😉

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