A Comprehensive Betrayal of America

I don’t even remember the last time so many in America rose up in opposition to anything, and certainly not against a bill that is touted as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”  But such is the case today in a battle we collectively exhaled in relief at its demise a week ago and must today restart the engines to return its destruction.

At no time can I recall proposed legislation so complex, so cumbersome, so SECRETIVE in its creation.  And at no time can I recall the huge level of distrust in our government held by just about everyone, regardless of political ideology.  We were all thrilled to see President Bush sign the Secure Fence Act of 2006 last October…just in time for November election praise.  Today we share disgust that practically NONE of the 700-mile fence has been built.

What in the world would allow America to have faith that any new legislation would actually be acted upon?  Personally, my level of faith is ZILCH.

Both Republicans and Democrats find a myriad of faults in this Senate bill that has allied Sen. Ted Kennedy with Sen. John McCain, et al, and President Bush.  (Democrats want a more “family friendly” bill; Republicans want just the opposite, want illegals to return home and return LEGALLY, and to actually build that secured border.)  So have most lobby groups representing the “interests” of illegal aliens, the vast preponderance of whom are Hispanics.  Heck, even LULAC voted unanimously in opposition to this Senate bill.   So has the business community, especially technology employers who find this bill crippling.

Speaking of H1B Visas, you should check out just who is obtaining all of those carefully allotted H1B’s right now.  Five of the top ten employers are Indian outsourcing firms under congressional query to explain their overabundance, and they are netting nearly 1/4 of those granted annually.  Our newly revived Senate bill would more than double the numbers available.

So our President waltzes into a meeting Monday at the Republican’s regular roundtable luncheon and tries to stir up support.  He failed, despite having a “cordial” lunch among friends.  Then on Tuesday, he offers a carrot:  $4.4 Billion dollars in emergency funding for that unbuilt fence.  I find it highly interesting that President Bush didn’t feel the need to either fund last year’s Secure Fence Act, or to offer this same funding at the beginning of this very proposed bill before the Senate. 

Michelle Malkin has a must-read dissection of The $4.4 Billion Grand Ruse on her site that I nearly spit my coffee reading this morning.  And, bless her brilliant and unwaivering soul, she has an even greater eyeopener in Kill The Bill, Part Deux that exposes Trent Lott for the McCain-driven traitor that he is and offers the creme de la creme of our President’s remarks made just this very morning before the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.  Bush is dead-set on giving amnesty to more than 12 million illegal criminals and for the life of me, I don’t understand why.

By the by, if you didn’t catch Michelle spanking Geraldo last night on The O’Reilly Factor,  HotAir has the replays.  I was so proud of Michelle, I could have adopted her.  😉  She was cool, factual, unfluffable and made Geraldo reveal himself as the racist maligner of facts he has certainly become.

Last night, behind closed doors once more, Sen. Harry Reid agrees to bring the bill back to the floor, but with a lot of catches.


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a staunch opponent of the bill, criticized both his party leaders and Democrats over what he said is a “rigged” process to bring the bill back to the floor.

“The only amendments that could be brought up are ones they wanted or they all agreed to kill,” DeMint said. “It certainly is not the tradition of the Senate to have a group of people deciding which amendments could be offered.

Do yourself a favor and read why and HOW this outrageous S.B. 1348 will cost we American taxpayers AT LEAST $2.6 TRILLION and has more loopholes to exonerate illegal alien criminals hiding in our shadows with amnesty.

Money quote for the day from today’s Wall Street Journal article on page A3:

“And Republicans privately fear they may be sticking out their necks to help the president, only to see the bill die in the House.”

Indeed.  If my two Senators (Hutchison and Cornyn) continue their exemplary work, I’ll be volunteering on their re-election campaigns to come.

Here’s a speculative list of just how key senators may vote on cloture of this bill to once more attempt to limit debate and throw the issue being closed doors.  Isn’t it ironic that the Senate otherwise has a tradition of unlimited debate on any issue?  I guess they feel immigration is a subject much too important to allow an angry constituency to watch, hear and react to.

Give your children an important Father’s Day gift, since they will inherit this immigration nightmare:  Call your Senators and request they vote “NO” for cloture.  Cloture, in reality, equals amnesty.  Personally, I’ll be adding the request to FIRST build that damned fence and once I see it done, I’ll be happy to support “pathways to citizenship” and consider any new immigration reform bills to FOLLOW.

Find Your Elected Officials by Zip Code and send them an email, fax or phone call.  Is their phone line busy?  Don’t forget about the dedicated hotline provided by the Hispanic “Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform” of 800-882-2005.  If you need a refresher on how to get through the system with the speed of lightening, re-read The Pro-Amnesty Hotline courtesy of our pals at HotAir.

This Senate bill is a disgrace and is a comprehensive betrayal of America, it’s constitution, its sovereignty, its many millions of LEGAL immigrants, its entire citizenry, and our entire set of values as a lawful nation.

Talk is cheap.  SHOW ME that fence!


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