Texas Roadkill Target Coming This Month…

Bubba, go polish up that front grill on your F350, cause she’s back and helpin’ us out with a golden opportunity!!

Yep.  Ending a whirlwind 864-hour “retirement”, everyone’s favorite Moron is back in the blabbery saddle.  Swindly Sheehan has returned and will be waltzing from Crawford through the South then up to New York and Washington in a “Walk for Humanity.”

Shoot me now.

After dashing the hopes of so many nice folks living around the Bush Compound for a quiet, traffic-free Summer, my best guess is that Cindy and Co. will be “walking” a few minutes each day (then hopping back into the caravan after the photo ops) from Crawford into Waco to Marlin, South into College Station, then east on US 290 into Houston.  From there, she’s bound to trek along I-10 until she hits  the Fraud Capitol of the Bible Belt…also now known as (drumroll, please) our newest Crime Capitol of the US

By the by, Houston is getting sick and tired of those lazy refugees…  But I digress…

Then she’ll terrorize Fort Benning in Columbus, GA before turning north to protest before the U.N.

Boys and girls with horse and cattle trailers, this is a golden op to hit the roads first and leave a deposit or two for these folks to trek through…if you get my gist.

By the way, Cindy’s swarm has been busy.  Remember when they lost their non-profit status for their Crawford Headquarters for not providing the State of Texas Comptroller with vital reporting?  Well, someone’s finally remitted the required paperwork and the Crawford Texas Peace House is now in good standing.  Probably getting ready to sell the place.  At least I can hope.

I offer my kind regards and best wishes to Texas Senator John Cornyn, whom Cindy has threatened with a sit-in at his Washington Office at the culmination of this journey.

Hell of a time for it finally, FINALLY to stop raining around here.


One response to “Texas Roadkill Target Coming This Month…

  1. That gas bag came through Clemson, South Carolina this summer while I was just up the road on vacation.

    I could smell her entourage from the mountains.

    Something like EIGHT people showed up. Someone should have told her that when the university is out of session, the natives don’t “do” Liberal protests.

    GAS. BAG.

    EHeavenlyGads: My first day before my computer after a long vacation finds this post from you, Jane. I chuckle loudly over my coffee…!

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