The Big CFB Weekend Has Finally Arrived ! GO FSU SEMINOLES !

First, in keeping with its importance, I offer the best darned spreadsheet EVER listing every college team with their logos and their entire season schedule!  Curious about any team and when they next play and whom?  Yep, here’s yore sign…  I don’t know who anchors the site, but they are darned handy and downright nice!

Now, without further ado…

In my household, “we” have been anxiously awaiting this coming weekend since the end of the last college football bowl game.  The long Labor Day holiday will be spent completely at home, with the smoker going all day tomorrow and a television on the back patio to prevent missing a single moment.

My alumni team got off to a roaring start Thursday evening, as my LSU Tigers tore the dangling collars right off of the Mississippi State Bulldogs by a score of 45-0.  Kudos to our school for finally getting our new tiger for Tigertown this past week.  Timely.

We’ll spend Saturday scoping out our collective competition, all in preparation for THE BIG GAME Monday when the Florida State Seminoles trounce Clemson State.  The Battle of the Bowdens!  That game is so important around here (ahem) that we will be preparing ALL DAY Saturday…

A selection of at least four different fine single malt whiskies await.  (Check)

Should we tire of that, the entire wet bar is well stocked, especially Tequila.  (Check)

Should we bore of that, an exceptional selection of chardonnays, sauvignon blancs, cabs, merlots, pinot noirs, voigners, sangioveses, and our favorite cuvee is ever ready in the cave. (Check)

An extraordinary selection of fine cigars (and my cheapos) have been waiting some time in perfect humidity in the humidor. (Check)

Charcoal and a very ample supply of quite large, hand-selected chunks of mesquite and pecan wood are at the ready.  (Check)

The pork butt has been seasoned and sitting wrapped in the fridge.  (Check)

The Coho Salmon is next to it soaking in brine.  (Check)

Homemade hot Italian sausage is well blended and chilling to allow subtle flavors to marry overnight for stuffing into casings first thing in the morning.  (Check)

A variety of other sausages stand ready to hit the smoker (Check)

Plenty of kraut and dark beer.  (Check)

Previously brined and smoked chicken deboned, shredded and frozen last weekend is thawing in the fridge.  (Check)

The pantry and refrigerator are literally overflowing.  (Check)

Ground sirloin, smoked chicken, sausage to be cooked and crumbled, sliced jalapenos, four cheeses, grape tomatos, onions, garlic, olives, beans soaking to cook manana, secret spices and gargantuan pan await the creation of monumental Nachos, pictures of which will be seen by fellow fans on the Eastern Seaboard just before Monday night’s game.  Fellow fans on the Eastern Seaboard will be sending us pics of theirs.  (It can go on and on and on…)  (Check)

Lump crabmeat, more cheese, seeded jalapenos, and secret ingredients await the creation of my bacon-wrapped crab-stuffed jalapeno poppers to smoke and grill to perfection.  (Check)

Items for the cheese and pickle tray confirmed.  (Check)

Ample supply of eggs on hand to devil. (Check)

All super special good luck t-shirts from each of FSU’s monumental National Championship wins are pressed and hanging for proper selection given the mood. (Check)

Commemorative baseball cap heavy-laden with commemorative FSU National Championship buttons and pins ready to don from its silk-lined box storage. (Check)

Should the mood require, all t FSU National Championship bead necklaces (and believe me, there are a ton!) have been hand-polished and stand ready.  (Check)

FSU beer glasses and mugs immaculately clean and polished. (Check)

FSU beer koozies collected and ready.  (Check)

FSU shot glass polished and ready for lucky kickoff toast of fine Tequila.

Shadowbox framed 1993 FSU National Champion t-shirt signed by each and every member of the FSU team has been lovingly cleaned and polished.  (Check)

The entire house vacuumed and dusted.  (Check)

Garnet and Gold scarf ironed and ready to place around neck of 5-pound pooch.  (Check)

Hyper-enlarged stash of yarns and several projects to begin.  (Check!)

All the makings for a spectacular weekend are ready to roll.  It is going to be a fantastic time and both of us are looking forward to not leaving the house once everyone is home tonight. 

Hmmm…  There’s something drumming just behind my right eye telling me I’ve forgotten something…something very important.  Hmmm….  Hmmm….

OH, EGADS!  I forgot the nacho CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTA RUN QUICK!!!!!

(Have a safe, wonderful weekend.  I won’t be back until Tuesday…)


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