Merry Christmas, Michael Devlin

With additional thanks to US District Judge Jean Hamilton, Michael J. Devlin will never, ever see the light of day beyond penitentiary walls for the rest of his life.

In a Federal hearing this morning, Devlin was sentenced to 170 additional years of imprisonment to be served at the conclusion of his current life sentences previously delivered by state courts in October. 

And until Fate delivers Devlin’s final breath, we will celebrate the fact that he will never hurt another child.

Michael J. Devlin was sentenced in October to more consecutive life sentences than he could possibly survive from the multitude of charges handed down in Franklin, Washington and St. Louis counties in Missouri for the abductions and tortures of Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby.  Devlin pleaded guilty to every single charge.

Today’s sentencing by Judge Hamilton was far in excess of the standard Federal sentencing guideline of 30 years (duly requested by Devlin’s attorneys), and was exceptionally severe punishment for Devlin’s guilty pleas to various still and video pornography charges and for transporting Hornbeck across multiple state boundaries.

Todd Frankel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a nice recounting of today’s hearing here.

With all cases against Devlin now having reached their conclusions, one can only wonder where Devlin will serve his time.  There is even speculation that Devlin may be given a new identity to protect him during his lifetime ahead of incarceration.

Regardless, it is my fervent hope that Devlin lives a long, long, long life…


3 responses to “Merry Christmas, Michael Devlin

  1. My regret after reading the article is we, the taxpayers, are going to have to pay to protect him for the next 170 years – in theory. I say he should be put in the general population and let him get what he so deserves.

    We are too soft a nation of people. This man does NOT deserve our protection. I think if we let true justice rule we would have less offenders.
    We need to ensure there is fear of retribution. No more mabbie pambie bleeding hearts when it comes to criminals like Devlin!

  2. ever hear about POLAR CITIES for the future? follow the link or google the term. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Your blog is very well done and you are a real character. More power to you!


  3. Thanks for the Devlin update. It is a shame that such bottom crawlers as Devlin are allowed to suck in another breath of air. A long life incarcerated might seem justice to some, but to me it is still life.

    Many long term criminals do not consider prison to be a particularly hard life but more of an alternate life. In and out of facilities is a badge of pride depending on the crime.

    I would prefer that people such as he, once proven beyond a doubt, guilty of a such an offensive crime, should forfeit their right to life.
    If it was my child he had done this to and I could get my hands on him or my gun sights, the issue would be moot.

    EHeavenlyGads: Thank you for your thoughts, Tindall, which I agree with. Sadly, our liberal pals have resoundingly seen to it over the last couple of decades that penal life is often so much better than that which a criminal came from in the first place. A badge of pride, indeed.

    Since Devlin’s attorneys and prosecutors worked out a trade to spare Devlin’s life in favor of spending his life in jail with his consistent guilty pleas, his complete lifetime away from children is the best we have. Another tortuous pedophile this time actually out of circulation; 500,000 more to go (estimated in the US alone)…and many, many more of our children will continue to face jeopardy to torture at the hands of a public that turns a blind eye consistently to notorious chat rooms, hundreds of thousands of identified web sites, and a cocophony of liberal judges who slap sex offenders with horrendously light punishments. We just go about our comfortable lives and only the most heinous crimes, such as that committed by Devlin against Shawn Hornbeck, catching even the slightest of our attentions.

    Monsters walk among us in increasing emboldened numbers every day. And Devlin’s “punishment” certainly offers nothing to deter them.

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