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A Posthumous Slap to a Veteran’s Last Wish

On an April afternoon this year, my family laid the remains of my father to rest in the Dallas National Cemetery with full honors accorded his decorated World War II service.  My father, my entire family was exceptionally proud of his service to our country and Dad’s greatest wish of all was to be buried next to his fellow veterans in the National Cemetery, a final act he planned and protected for more than a decade in every possible detail.

The incredible beauty of the day’s glorious sunshine was met only by the beauty and reverence of the attending Memorial Honor Guard, who so carefully and precisely folded our Flag of the United States after conclusion of Taps and before presenting the flag to my mother.  “Ma’am, this flag is presented on behalf of a grateful nation as an expression of appreciation for the honorable and faithful service rendered by your loved one.  I offer you our deepest condolences.” 

I wept with a passion I haven’t had since childhood.  Despite our gift that Dad lived to the age of 83 active years, I was absolutely crushed to have lost my wonderful father, my greatest mentor, and realize at the age of 46 my childhood had finally come to an end.  And when I could collect myself enough to walk, I made my way to the two Honor Guards, shook each of their hands and expressed how deeply I appreciated their service and personal sacrifices to my country and the presence and care before my own family that day.  Doing so fulfilled a promise to my father he absolutely demanded me to keep.

“Treasure the living and honor the dead,” was but one of Dad’s axioms drilled into my earliest memories regarding his military brethren.

In what is reported as thousands of military funerals across this country, the flag-folding ceremony has included a 13-part recital corresponding with each of the 13 folds of the American flag before presentation to the family.  The recital is steeped in tradition born somewhere in the 1950’s (soon after “Under God” was added to our Pledge of Allegiance) that I have personally witnessed only four times in my lifetime: at two military retirement ceremonies, in downtown Grapevine, Texas during a flag-folding ceremony on Memorial Day, 2003, and again in downtown Grapevine, Texas on Flag Day, June 14, 2004.

The ceremony is beautiful and holds deep meaning for me due to my upbringing and lifelong deep respect for all of our soldiers and their families.  The entire script of the Flag Folding Ceremony is given and explained here.  So it matters not at all to me that the ceremony is “unofficial” and in apparent violation of The Establishment Clause within the First Amendment to our Bill of Rights.  On a private-sector basis — certainly at a family’s personal request for the funeral of their beloved serviceman — if this ceremonial recital is wanted, it should be given.

So I’m a wee bit perplexed to read the recital tradition is hereby summarily quelled, banned by the Veterans Administration as the result of ONE complaint made by ONE individual attending a military funeral in Riverside, California at the National Cemetery there.  The ban extends to each of the 125 National Cemeteries in the United States.

Of course, the VA is not releasing any information about this fellow’s complaint, just that the ban is in place now, according to a late September memorandum from the VA on the issue that directed the National Cemetery Administration to enact a streamlined, uniform policy for burials.  We do know this chap took umbrage to the 11th stanza of the recital, somehow being apparently demeaned by the tribute to Jewish servicemen in its glorification of “the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.”  Or perhaps it was the 12th stanza of the recital, in tribute to Christians, that the 12th fold “represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost.”

Unless rescinded, families will no longer have this recital option afforded them if they hold burial services at our nation’s national cemeteries, nor even at private services by military personnel.  I am heartened to see retired veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion haven’t the slightest intention of following the VA/Official Government ban.

This brings another of my father’s famous axioms to mind:  “It is the sins of the few that impact the freedoms of the masses.”

What’s next?  Banning the white crosses and Stars of David from the National Cemeteries, too?

Ed Morrissey has more at Captain’s Quarters.

WordNetDaily has an in-depth post on the secularist insanity.

HotAir has its own take.

First-term Congressman Heath Schuler of North Carolina has penned a letter with 11 other Congressional signatories requesting the VA reconsider its ban, with more developing under this thread from Fox News.

Do you find this ban as reprehensible as I do?  Then, by all means, join this petition to request President Bush rescind the VA’s ACLU-driven knee-jerk action to quell one Left Coast activist’s highly successful attack against survivor’s wishes to honor their fallen military sons and daughters, husbands and wives.  And spend a couple of moments out of your day to voice your disgust to your Senators and Congressional Representatives.

Update:  The furor is building in Washington

Update:  Sword-At-The-Ready has information that is a MUST READ, including a pdf file link to the purported VA Memo from Muro of September 27  provided to him by REES LLOYD, Attorney and Jr. Past Commander District 21 (Cal), Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project of The American Legion Dept. of California.  Would it surprise you to know that Sword-At-The-Ready offered his first post on this subject TWO WEEKS AGO???


Kerry Query: So Why Didn’t You Sue???

The final chapter of whether Sen. John Kerry would sue John O’Neil and Dr. Jerome Corsi and the publisher of their book “Unfit for Duty, Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry” that undeniably killed any chance that Kerry had of becoming our Commander in Chief in 2004, has closed forever.  (Thank you for the continued enlightenment, Beldar.)

The expiration of all statutes of limitations, the last coming August 25, 2007 in Kerry’s home state of Massachusetts, has surely left a bittersweet taste with O’Neil.  I imagine a huge sense of disappointment is felt by the 200 or so Swift Boat Navy veterans — including every single officer Kerry ever served under in Vietnam — who spoke out about Kerry’s myriad of lies told to advance his own political career and revealed the painful truths about the man John Kerry really was and is, none of which is honorable or good. 

This week’s death of any defamation claim Kerry could ever bring against the authors and publisher was predicted by everyone from Day One.  While some wackos will claim Kerry simply didn’t want to provide any more media time to the SwiftVets by resuscitating their claims in a defamation suit, he actually had no incentive to vindicate himself in court, because in doing so, claims made by him and O’Neil would be examined in detail and he would reap complete exposure as a fraud.  And time has undoubtedly dulled the memories of those paying even the slightest attention in 2004, giving Kerry an advantage today in the court of public opinion that a court of law could never have delivered.  Good move on his part.

Forever preserving the validity of so many who predicted this very outcome of inaction, Kerry has now protected himself from having to address the details of his Vietnam tour that he so highly exaggerated and touted in his 2004 run, from having to bring the entirety of his own questionable military records and service into public record, and certainly from ever having to answer the wholly damning testimonies of those who served with him that such a suit would have provided.

Most dastardly of all, Kerry will continue to skate past any accounting for his reprehensible claims before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 22, 1971, in which he told the Senators and a national audience that American troops “…had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam…” and insisted the entire U.S. military was committing war crimes “on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.”

John Kerry was responsible for the propaganda effort that so effectively smeared all American servicemen in Vietnam as murderous, drug-addled psychotics and that created hatred in which returning veterans were cursed and spat upon in the streets.I found Beldar’s Blog about a year ago when Kerry once again began to test the waters for a renewed run for President.  No one else has provided the depth of coverage of the SwiftVets or Kerry that Beldar has, for which I am grateful.  Must Read of the Day is his post, “Sen. Kerry permits last statute of limitations for defamation to lapse, forever barring any defamation claim against SwiftVet authors O’Neill and Corsi.”   Double unmitigated dittos to Beldar for his outstanding gauntlet thrown to Kerry.  Unlikely we will see it come to pass, alas!

Remind yourself of the SwiftVets’ questions and complaints, review their ads and, for Heaven’s sake, watch the 1971 video where a 25-year-old O’Neill summarily vanquished Kerry’s anti-war rants on the Dick Cavitt Show.  Read Beldar’s extensive and remarkable archive of articles written on the subject.  Then find some heavy reading about Kerry’s unfortunate and well-documented history at

If there is anything at all I can find worthy of offering thanks to Kerry for, it is singularly for the consistent group of veterans and caring civilians who join Bert Brady daily at Terminal D, Gate 22 at DFW Airport to make damned certain our soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan receive a WARM, APPRECIATIVE WELCOME.  I can only hope soldiers returning home in every airport in the United States enjoy the same.

Thanks to John Kerry, soldiers who followed him home from Vietnam and Korea certainly did not, and that group included my loved ones.

Texas Roadkill Target Coming This Month…

Bubba, go polish up that front grill on your F350, cause she’s back and helpin’ us out with a golden opportunity!!

Yep.  Ending a whirlwind 864-hour “retirement”, everyone’s favorite Moron is back in the blabbery saddle.  Swindly Sheehan has returned and will be waltzing from Crawford through the South then up to New York and Washington in a “Walk for Humanity.”

Shoot me now.

After dashing the hopes of so many nice folks living around the Bush Compound for a quiet, traffic-free Summer, my best guess is that Cindy and Co. will be “walking” a few minutes each day (then hopping back into the caravan after the photo ops) from Crawford into Waco to Marlin, South into College Station, then east on US 290 into Houston.  From there, she’s bound to trek along I-10 until she hits  the Fraud Capitol of the Bible Belt…also now known as (drumroll, please) our newest Crime Capitol of the US

By the by, Houston is getting sick and tired of those lazy refugees…  But I digress…

Then she’ll terrorize Fort Benning in Columbus, GA before turning north to protest before the U.N.

Boys and girls with horse and cattle trailers, this is a golden op to hit the roads first and leave a deposit or two for these folks to trek through…if you get my gist.

By the way, Cindy’s swarm has been busy.  Remember when they lost their non-profit status for their Crawford Headquarters for not providing the State of Texas Comptroller with vital reporting?  Well, someone’s finally remitted the required paperwork and the Crawford Texas Peace House is now in good standing.  Probably getting ready to sell the place.  At least I can hope.

I offer my kind regards and best wishes to Texas Senator John Cornyn, whom Cindy has threatened with a sit-in at his Washington Office at the culmination of this journey.

Hell of a time for it finally, FINALLY to stop raining around here.

So Long, Cindy!

Followed by, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

Today’s day after our country’s celebration of American soldiers and their families, who have paid the ultimate price in our nation’s freedom and the freedom we have fought for on behalf of other nations across the planet, comes the best news I’ve read in a while.

Premier national idiot and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has announced in a letter to the world that she is calling it quits from the activist stage.  Her reasoning:   Disillusionment with the Democratic Party.

“We gave you a chance,” said Sheehan in her letter, and “you betrayed us.” 

Her letter can be read Here in its entirety.  And HotAir has a moving tribute to Ms. Sheehan as “St. Cindy” here.

For those who may not know or recall, the State of Texas yanked Sheehan’s non-profit corporation status from her Crawford Peace House in the beginning of April for failure to file required income and expense statements for more than a year, despite repeated notices from the state of same.  Not only did Sheehan and the directors of The Crawford Peace House loose their corporate protections, but they will also face potentially large bills personally from Texas and the IRS from the more than $700,000 in funds raised through this entity to augment their anti-war efforts.  I wrote about the charter revocation and included links in my post on April 5.  I have little doubt that this charter revocation and the liability exposure therein have weighed heavily on Sheehan and was the ultimate impetus for her departure from activism.

While it is saddening to me that she chose to make a PR splash attempt on Memorial Day and continues to decree that her own son, Casey, “did indeed die for nothing,” I find it rather amusing that she so strongly smeared her beloved Democratic Party across the horizon.  In that regard, I gotta thank her.

Perhaps now, for her own sake, Sheehan will seek professional psychiatric care to deal with the demons in her life, certainly the greatest of which is the loss of her son.  Or so I can hope for her.

It’s a great day, indeed, with one less wacko on the airwaves….well, as soon as the networks tire of airing and reairing, ad nauseum, her departure.

INS Too Busy to Watch the Fort Dix Six

Here is another reality of our times destined only to become worse in the future ahead:


Remember the six men arrested in their foiled terrorism plot to attack Fort Dix, of which three brothers were illegal aliens?  In a post by HotAir, we are informed the INS knew about these three illegals for two decades, but a beauracratic paperwork backlog allowed the entire family to remain here illegally and suspended any effort that could have deported them.


My jury remains out on whether a quick decision on the family’s 1989 asylum request would have prevented the near-miss at Fort Dix, since (a) their request could have been granted; or (b) they could have sneaked back over the Brownsville border if deported.  Yet this story undeniably screams at how overburdened our government has become, and especially so the INS.


Click here for enlightenment.


Gee.  I wonder just how yesterday’s newly proposed “Amnesty Under Another Name” bill, if passed, would further bury the INS?


Behold the consequences of  reactive legislation and a congress with a preponderance of members more concerned with re-election than rationality and responsiveness to their electorates.



Do You Support The Troops??

I have often wondered how so many people, from diametrically-opposed positions on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, could all vehemently yell what has become, for many, little more than a mantra for political cowardice and acquiescence to a loud radical liberal scream-base:  “I Support The Troops!”

Not by my definition, you don’t.

Today, while reading through the Real Clear Politics site, I had the absolute pleasure to come across this article written by Lance Thompson.  I can’t remember the last time I found someone who could so succinctly capture my every thought on what it means to be a member of the military and what that military has done for America.

They are, indeed, a rare treasure of a breed.

God bless our men and women in uniform serving at home and abroad.

3 of Fort Dix 6 Sneaked Over the Texas-Mexico Border

Need a little more reassurance as to why our spineless Congress and obstinate President should immediately seal the US-Mexico Border for good?  And post-haste?

Read this from Michelle Malkin.  The three illegal alien brothers, who were part of the six Jihadists targeting Fort Dix until they were busted a couple of nights ago, apparently sneaked over the border near Brownsville, TX in the early 1980s….  Gee!  Do you think maybe there are a few more hiding out just like these fine fellows?

James Pinkerton has written another well-done of his summaries on the subject.  His money quote of the day:  “And, since we have just been reminded yet again that illegal aliens can be terrorists, we should ask a further question: Do we really have to wait for an A-bomb to go off in a U.S. city before we get curious as to who is in our midst?”

Full link to Pinkerton:,0,3060585.column?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines\n
Another nail in the Amnesty Coffin….  This merely underscores my belief that we can all kiss what was our own safe childhoods goodbye for our progeny.  At least I have a personal memory of what life was like growing up in America before you had to lock your doors at night.

Further, were there actually TEN people involved in the failed terorism plot against Fort Dix?  The FBI thinks so.

Read this story and weap: