Why am I here?

I’m brand new to blogging.  I started off over at the blogspot site and quickly became exasperated at the system downtimes.  I found waiting for renewed access something akin to what it must feel like to have had broadband since its first availability (which I have) and being forced to use a dial-up.

So, here I be.

I don’t know what my blogging future holds here, but suspect it will be similar to my past history of verbosity.  I love to talk and I have always loved writing.  (Please forgive me if “writing” is a gross overstatement here.)   Exceptional actions of grave supidity always grab my attention, and I am intrigued by a myriad of things.  You can expect the typical tyrades of a political bend, the relating of events in my community, and maybe I’ll pass along a recipe or two.  And as a descendant of Victorian-age confectioners, I have a treasure trove of recipes and experience in making some of the most exquisite candies and confections that only a handful of pastry chefs know how to create today.  Spinning sugar and making ribbon candy are two nearly extinct arts that I hope not to carry to my grave without passing along.

Heaven help me, I’ve never really known what I want to be when I grow up.  In my early years of adulthood, I was a journalist for several papers.  Got a few awards.  Whoop-dee-woo.  Any editor worth his or her salt is spitting their coffee out right about now…  Then I jumped into law, where I stayed for 15 years.  Then I “retired” from civil litigation and jumped into medicine, where I’ve spent another several years.  Next came a forray into the auction business, primarily focused on high-end fine and decorative arts.  Fortunately, only growing old is inevitable; growing up is optional.

I am happily and blessedly engaged to a man I have no doubt whatsoever is the most wonderful man on Earth.  Tom is truly a blessing from God, whom I thank daily for leading him to me at this point in my middle-aged life when I can appreciate him fully.

Best wishes to all.


One response to “Why am I here?

  1. Just found your blog on wordpress. Interesting stuff… I am myself a new blogger. Check my blog:
    http://bluecup.blue-eon.com/. I hope it’s good enough to drive you crazy… lol

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